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Posted: 10/11/2003 6:48:03 PM EDT
Just took my CCW training thru MSSU. The cost was $95, and that included a nice indoor range, F.A.T.S. (which was worth the price alone!), a healthy book of info, and training by the people who train Law Enforcement.

The legal stuff in the a.m. was boring, but the little "true" stories provided by the instructors kept things in perspective. All legal issues were addressed, withplenty of time to ask questions (they actually complained that we didn't ask enough questions!). Nothing was rushed, and everyone seemed to grasp the key points well.

After lunch, we divided into 4 groups, and began rotating thru the different "stations". There was the F.A.T.S. Revolver simulator, popping rounds at silhouettes. We each ran it twice, complete with reloads.

We then hit the Semi-Auto F.A.T.S., using a Glock 17. It had to manually loaded/chambered at each string start. trigger control, the emptying the mag against a fellow classmate. We were also able to run a couple of scenarios, which were eye-opening and VERY real. FWIW, I popped the dude in the upper-chest before I got chopped by his knife!

Then live-fire. Very safe environment, not tough to qualify at all. My only complaint was I was next to a guy who was scared of the rental gun (Glock), and leaned farther and farther back each round he fired. With my aggressive forward stance, at the last couple of shots he took he was actually behind me! Muzzle blast SUCKS! I still cleaned the 20 round qual, tho.

Last we reviewed loading and unloading revolvers and semi-autos. Simple stuff.

Real good class, with trainers who were the real-deal. A SWAT Commander/FBI Cert. Instructor, A full time officer/FBI Instructor, The Regional Police Trainer/Full-time Narcotics Officer, and The Head trainer of MSSU Police Training Program.

Well worth the price! I'm already thinking about the Advanced Pistol Class they are offering next month ($75)...
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 9:13:40 AM EDT
Right on. Sounds exactly like what I'll take when I get the money here soon. I'll probably get in touch w/you before I do it for a bit more niddy-griddy detail.
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