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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/6/2003 5:46:10 PM EST
First off, the obligatory thank you's.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and made our second shoot a huge success.

Shamusmcoi, again, you are the man behind the barricades and target stands. Thanks for supplying, building, storing, transporting, targets stands and barricades. We could not do this without you.

Cutter, thanks for helping out with the plywood and your work with the CA folks, and ROing, etc...

CMMG, and their lovely spokesmodel, Jeff , For donating a lot of great goodies. And thank you for bringing the M249 and Krink. I love that Krink! BTW, I just installed my RRA 2-stage and it is SWEET.

Duke-Nukem, thanks for making me laugh, and bringing your crazy friends! And thank you very much for the Redi-Mag, it is now happily sitting on my SPR Mk12 clone.

Thanks to the guys that helped RO, Ozy, Scott, Gary, etc. Sorry if I missed anyone.

DKProf, thanks for giving me a ride to the festivities!

And thanks to all that donated to the cause, I need to buy new targets to replace the bayonetted ones!

Now here's the scores...

Revised scoring. Base time +5 secs for each missed target and +10 secs for hitting a no-shoot target= total time

COF 1 started with a short run to cover, engaging 3 targets (2 head shot only) at around 30 yds. Then running to the 'kill-house, and engaging 4 targets inside. One was in the doorway with a hostage, and another which was in the corner (a few guys never saw him).

1.Cutter75 0.50 +2misses=1.00
2.Hot-lead 0.46 +1miss=0.51
3.Bano 0.32 +3misses=0.47
4.Rmdye 1.01 +3misses=1.16
5.Duke-Nukem 0.32 +3misses=0.47
6.Pitsnipe 0.43 +1no-shoot=0.53
7.Mousegun87 0.33 +No penalties=0.33
8.Erik 1.19 +No penalties=1.19
9.Al 0.43 +No penalties=0.43
10.Thebeekeeper1 0.40 +No penalties=0.40
11.Honeybee 0.54 +2 misses=1.04
12.82_Airborne 0.36 +2misses 1 no-shoot=0.56
13.DKProf 0.36 +3 misses 1 no-shoot=1.03
14.GaryM 0.41 +No penalties=0.41
15.CMMG/Jeff 0.23 +5 misses=0.58
16.Sam 0.35 +3 misses=0.50
17.Justin 0.51 +1 miss=0.56
19.Bob 0.36 +No penalties=0.36
20.Shamusmcoi 0.46 +3misses 1no-shoot=1.11
21.HKocher 0.49 +1miss 1no-shoot=1.04
22.Brad 0.40 +3miss=0.55
23.Alan 0.35 +3miss=0.50

Mousegun87 winner, followed by Bob and TBK1

COF 2 was a variation of the first course, with the targets moved around a bit. Also this course was begun with 5 rounds in the mag, and a manditory transition to sidearm in the 'kill house'.

1.DKProf 0.50 +0=0.50
2.Mousegun87 0.51 +2miss=1.01
3.Bano 0.35 +2miss=0.45
4.Hot-lead 0.49+1miss=0.54
5.Shamusmcoi 0.54+2miss=1.04
6.Thebeekeeper1 0.52+0=0.52
7.Justin 0.49+1miss=0.54
8.Duke-Nukem 1.02+0=1.02
9.Erik Counter malf, sorry! But no penalties.
10.HKocher 0.57+0=0.57
11.GaryM 0.36+0=0.36
12.Alan 1.06
13.Jon 0.56
14.Honeybee 1.20

Winner is GaryM, followed by Ben and DKProf.
Link Posted: 9/6/2003 6:09:54 PM EST
I just want to make sure everyone knows two things:

1. Mousegun87 ran the course both times with a MAK-90, iron sights, and Wolf 7.62x39 ammo.

2. He is my good friend and I would never ever do anything to piss him off. Not with the way he shoots...

Congrats to all the other winners!
Link Posted: 9/7/2003 6:55:16 AM EST
Duke, just don't go creepin' around his house in a ski mask...
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