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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/22/2006 7:43:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/22/2006 8:59:02 PM EST
A member of my party had his order taken but was never served anything except iced tea. Being that there was less than 10 others in the entire place, I know this situation could have been avoided if we had more than 1 waitress and 1 trainee attending us. Now, even though my friend was never served lunch, I feel he handeled the situation very calmly all the time he was there. When all of us were finishing our meals, he asked to speak to a manager. Eric came over with a "body guard" a slovenly man named Tony; the head cook. Nobody in our party of over 40 made any remarks, got out of their seats, or jestures to deem a heavy (that was trying to intimidate us) be present. After talking to the manager and expressing our displeasure, we told the manager that we will be taking our business elsewhere. After the manager left, for an unknown reason, the "head cook" glared at us from across the room for well over 20 minutes. When we were getting on our coats, jackets, and scarves, this cook stood next to the entrance way while scowling at some and making rude and undeserved comments to others. My friend did not deserve to be verbally baited and attacked as the smelly cook spoke under his breath. The cook should never have said "It's about time you're leaving" or when he sneered at him saying: "You want the corporate number?" Someone should have smacked the taste out of his mouth. Finally, as we said our goodbyes to eachother outside the door, the cook turned into a doorman and opened the door for 2 sets of customers while trying to intimidate us with more rude comments.

I have never been witness to anything like this incident in my life. I hope I never will be again. By boycotting TGIFriday's, I think that is a step in the right direction since management at the Puyallup location saw fit to hire this thug.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Link Posted: 1/23/2006 5:57:46 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/23/2006 6:27:55 AM EST
Sounds like the TGIF Corporate office needs to hear about this, and not just from one of you, but all of you. The manager and the cook should be fired....
Link Posted: 1/23/2006 7:19:28 AM EST

Originally Posted By Scollins:
Sounds like the TGIF Corporate office needs to hear about this, and not just from one of you, but all of you. The manager and the cook should be fired....

As soon as I take Olympia on for the week, then I'll turn to TGIFs for a day.

Hard to starboard, all batteries FIRE!

Link Posted: 1/23/2006 8:15:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/23/2006 10:44:21 AM EST by WRF]
Letter, EMAIL and call going out from me today!!!


On January 21st around noon a group of about 30+ went to eat at your Puyallup location; we trickled in four or so at a time. The waitress was very pleasant and accommodating in seating us together. We all ordered in a spread out manner because we only had two servers, one of which was a trainee. We were ordering drinks, however no one was drunk for the most anyone was served was one and never asked again. I went up to the front desk to see if I could talk to the manager and have him give us more servers, at that time I looked around the building to see if they were busy in other stations but to my surprise there was only about fifteen or so other patrons in there. I waited for about 10 minutes for the manager to come talk to me, when he didn’t show, I returned to my spot at the table. The food came out with long periods between. People who ordered after I, received their food first. Personally I waited an hour for my food. There was a gentleman with us that had been there for probably fifteen or twenty minutes before me who never received his food, by this time most of us were finishing up, so we asked to speak to the manager once again. The manager Eric then came out he said he was sorry that they had lost his order, which I don't understand he ordered right after me on the same sheet. I noticed a person dressed very sloppy walk up and stand in the entry way to where our table was and ask “what's the big problem” and announced he was the head cook Anthony Taylor; however he was looking and acting like he was the bouncer and ready to brawl. They then brought out my friends food, which because of the attitude of the cook he declined and said he would just leave. As we were leaving the table the food then came back in a to-go bag, which my friend declined once again. As we were leaving the building the cook was holding the door for others to come in and making rude and uncalled for comments to our group and my friend, this continued out into the parking lot where the cook then announced his name again. Our group just walked to their cars and left the cook standing there making his comments. Is Eric in charge of the restaurant or the cook? I will say that every thing was cool and understandable until the bouncer cook came out and was so unprofessional and rude. The manager did offer to pay for my friend’s meal and apologized.
Our group meets for lunch several times through out the year and when we are treated in a professional manner we always keep the same restaurant for our meeting place. We have never had a problem anywhere else we’ve been. This situation was handled so poorly and unprofessional it made the whole experience uncomfortable for everyone in our group. Our group was neither obnoxious nor loud to warrant the treatment we received.
I have worked for the public with a police Dept. and in customer service situations and never treated a customer disrespectful like our group was treated. I have my own business and if one of my employees behaved the way your cook did he would not be employed by me anymore. I realize the only way for you to know what goes on in your restaurants is feedback. So here is your feedback, I hope you use it in a helpful way at your Puyallup location.

Thanks for your time.
My name WRF

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