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Posted: 7/24/2013 7:39:14 PM EST
I'm getting back into instructing marksmanship (on a very limited level) again, aft a couple of pcs moves and new kids.

For non world famous, not very strikingly handsome, but very well certified and experienced trainers what are the rates like these days?

I have a session tomorrow afternoon, and her answer is to just throw huge amounts of money at everything (by this i mean she went out and bought a fully kitted out colt 6920 mil version and a thousand rounds of pmc), but I want to help her with her rifle marksmanship so she can qual higher than marksman, not line my pockets with some privates hard earned money.

If those of you who do this for a living, or at least as a paying gig could chime in that would be great
Or you could shoot me a pm.

I'm getting back into teaching rifle marksmanship again, and I'm wondering what fair prices are to charge, since I don't talk about moose dicks, or look like the costanator.

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