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Posted: 9/10/2004 8:09:33 PM EDT
I was visited today by a local candidate for state representative today, I knew who she is, just didint know where she stood on several issues. She was walking down the street going door to door to talk with people.
Well, I went out to talk with her. She is a member and holds a position with the local american legion post, seems to be very active in the community.
Anyway i asked her about keeping and drawing more employment to our state, i really didint expect much since the problem is such a broad one, i dont see an easy fix for this one.
Then i asked her about the assault weapons ban, she immediatly said she supports the responsible ownership and the shooting community in general but didint know why anyone needs to own an assault weapon. So I asked he if she knew what an assault weapon was, she started to explain that it was a bigger more powerful weapon.....i just shook my head, she stopped and looked at me and asked me what they were then, I explained to her the difference between what was actually banned and what an assault weapon really is, i also explained the lack of a difference between the weapons that were banned and her husbands rifles (he is a competitive shooter and hunter) for functional purposes. She seemed generally suprised to hear what the ban actually did cover and what it didnt, she was taking notes the whole time in her notebook as well.
She commented on how much research i had apparently done and that it was information she really needed to hear, because what she thought was apparently incorrect. She asked me to provide her with more information and some websites for refence and information gathering.
I sent her the links for a-humanright.org, and the awbansunset.com for starters and told her i could give her more when she was ready...now to see if she was serious.
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 6:13:21 PM EDT
Good job! Of course its no surprise that she was oblivious to the law. Heck even sKerry broke firearms regulations recently.

When the people who make the laws can't follow them - there's a blatant problem.

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