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Posted: 10/9/2004 9:47:31 AM EDT
I thought I would start a thread to talk about how to vote in the upcoming election. I've been staring at my early ballot for a while now. I could certainly use input on the propositions.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 9:50:47 AM EDT
This is from the Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association.


A = Very good, strong pro rights & interests
B = Good, usually supports rights, interests, might not oppose additional restrictions.
C = Sometimes supportive of rights, interests, may support more restrictions
D = Would support more restrictions, little or no support.
F = Strongly opposed to your rights, interests, and/or shooting sports, hunting, etc.
W = Waiting for information. Member input needed and welcomed.
? = No reply. Probably hostile or indifferent to your rights and interests.
* = Endorsed by NRA Splits ( ASR&PA/NRA )

(We could really use input from members on all the "w" and "?" on the PPC. Please contact hotline@asrpa.com with any information you may have.)

CONGRESS (Includes how well they (would) protect AZ from DC)
CD 1 (D) Babbitt (?) Donahue (D)
CD 2 (D) Camacho (F/D) Coor (?) Scharer (F)
(R) Franks* (A+) Murphy (C+)
CD 5 (D) Maynard (A) Rogers (F)
(R) Hayworth (A) O’Connell (?)
CD 6 (R) Barnes (A) Flake (A-)
CD 7 (R) Munoz (A) Sweeney (F)
CD 8 (D) Bacal (?) Chimine (?) Sultan (?)
(R) Graf (A+/A) Kolbe (C/B)

(D) 2009 – Clark (?) Manoil (?) Trasoff (?)
(R) 2009 – Gleason (A) Hatch-Miller (A) Mundell (A)
(R) 2007 – Mayes (A) Seel (A)

3 (R) Gould (A) Hart (A Wagner (B-/A)
4 (R) Burke (?) Harper* (A+)
8 (R) Allen (D/C+) Ditchey* (A)
18 (R) Johnson (A) Vecchairelli (A)
20 (R) Huppenthal* (A+) Mead (F)
23 (D) Mitchell, R (F) Rios, R (C)
27 (D) Garcia, J (F) Romo (?)

2 (D) Becenti-Pigman (?) Kirpatrick (?) Tom (C)
3 (R) Cullison (A) Groe (?) McLain (A)
4 (R) Boone (A) Burges (A) Hubbs (A-)
6 (R) Carpenter (B/A) Gorman (A) Jayne (A/A+)
Robinson (A)
7 (R) Barnes* (A) Marsh (A) Smith (A)
Von Hapsburg (A)
8 (R) Flora (A) Reagan* (A) Rosati* (A)
9 (R) Hanson* (A+) Murphy (A) Stump* (A+)
11 (R) Allen (A) Gutier (A) Tulley (A)
12 (R) Arnold (A) Nelson* (A+) Weiers, J. (A)
13 (D) Gallardo (D-) Garcia, M (?) Serna (?)
Valach (?) Zepeda (?)
15 (D) Lujan (?) Sinema (?) Straughn (F)
16 (D) Landrum (F) Miranda (D) Ramos (?)
Sodari (?) Ware (?)
18 (R) Anderson* (A) Bower (A) Brown (?)
Fleming (?) Pearce* (A) Ready (A)
20 (R) Dial (A) McComish (A)
Robson* (A) Wegener (?)
21 (R) Nichols* (A) Wolfe (B) Yarbough* (A)
23 (D) Bustamante (C/D) Chase (C+) Rios, P (C-/C)
24 (D) Aguirre, A (F) Quiroz (?) Smith, Sherry (?)
Smith, Wm (?)
25 (D) Alvarez (D) Johnson, L (?) Perez (?)
Tapia (?)
(R) Black (A) Burns, J* (A) Stevens (A)
28 (D) Bradley (D) Downing (F Lawrence (?)
30 (R) Gowan (A) McClure* (A) Paton (A)
Sposito (B-)

(R) Bailey (A) Landau (F) McCauley (B-)
Pacheco (A) Poster (w) Thomas (A)
(D) Harris (w) Warshaw (w)

(D) Ayala (A) McLeod (w)
(R) Arpaio (D) Saban (B)

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Updated 09/07/04

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