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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 4/12/2006 7:03:47 PM EDT
A short time ago I sent this letter to the editor of the NMSSA newsletter:

Dear Editor,

I find that I have been banned from the NMSSA Yahoo group immediately after attempting to post the message below. It appears that by doing so I have transgressed some unwritten rule concerning suitable subject matter for posting.

The moderator must "feel" that the membership of the NMSSA would not be interested in, and should be given no information about, the plans and machinations of the enemies of our rights and those who would destroy the Constitution. Perhaps in the rarified atmosphere of NMSSA's upper echelons StopTheNRA and other heads of the "gun control" hydra (characterized by me as "The Brady Bunch") are just good buddies engaged in a game of mutual fund-raising. Maybe firearms are viewed as hobby items, like fishing gear or model airplanes. It could be that having a bunch of finely engraved, expensive, and essentially useless collector's items renders the owners socially acceptable.

We mere mortals, however, can and do actually think, and have come to the conclusion that the "game" is actually a matter of grave importance. If the Brady Bunch wins we and our families are all that much closer to death. As one of the columnists of "The Resister" aptly said, "Those who advocate that form of predation known as 'gun control' are murderers and must eventually be dealt with as such."

[author's name deleted]

Dear [name withheld],
Add to Our Ranks

Last week, we announced the Campaign Against Illegal Guns — a landmark
multi-year effort to stem the illegal trafficking of guns in America
and have been overwhelmed by the response. We raised more than
$60,000, two new bills were introduced in Congress to help law
enforcement crack down on corrupt gun dealers, and hundreds of you
told your friends about our Campaign, and our ranks are continuing to

This Campaign is a proactive agenda to curb the flow of illegal guns
and boot the NRA's cronies out of office who block our lifesaving

Illegal guns don't fall from the sky into the hands of criminals and
gang members; they come from corrupt and irresponsible gun dealers
whose negligent business practices arm criminals, juveniles, and other
people who shouldn't have access to firearms.

We plan to work for three key goals at the local, state, and federal
level, which we believe will shut down the sources of illegal guns
without interfering with legal gun ownership:
Take Action on Illegal Guns
Strengthen law enforcement tools to crack down on corrupt gun dealers.
Extend Brady background checks to all gun sales. No background check.
No gun. No excuses.
Stop large-volume gun sales that supply traffickers.

These practical solutions don't infringe upon a law-abiding citizen's
ability to purchase guns and they already have broad support from the
American people.

Through this focused effort, our aim is to ensure that the issue of
illegal guns becomes a key political issue at the local, state, and
federal levels. The upcoming election gives us the opportunity to hold
elected officials accountable for their attack on America's gun laws
and on America's safety. And the Brady Campaign is working hard in
targeted races across the country where we can have a real impact.

Here's what you can do today:

1. Email Congress. One click will send an email to your two U.S.
Senators and your U.S. Representative urging them to support the
Campaign Against Illegal Guns.

2. Donate $25 Today. Help get our Campaign Against Illegal Guns off
the ground to help us spread our important message to Congress and the
American people through advertisements, community forums, and internet
advocacy. Click here to contribute now.

3. Invite a Friend to Join the Campaign. One click will send an email
that invites your friends and family to join us. If each of you can
get one additional person, we will double our size and our impact.

Sensible gun measures work: the Brady Law has stopped 1.3 million
criminals and prohibited purchasers from buying guns since it was
passed in 1994, and during that period, the annual number of gun
deaths has dropped by 10,000.

We are championing the fight to stop illegal gun trafficking by
educating our leaders and the American public about our common sense
solutions — and highlighting the dangers of the gun lobby's agenda to
the American people. Help us stop the flow of illegal guns and make
America's communities safe.

Your Friends at StoptheNRA.com

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Link Posted: 4/13/2006 4:38:37 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/13/2006 4:24:47 PM EDT
I haven't heard a peep so far.

In the past I noticed that any time I attempted to post anything critical of the Republican Party it ended up in the bit bucket. Also, criticism of government agencies (i.e. BATFE and FBI) was also apparently forbidden. Saying bad things about Richardson wouldn't fly either. This doesn't leave much discussion room.

You will notice that their post count is down to something like 2 per month.

I'll let you know if anything develops, like if they try to depose me as president of the Socorro Gun Club.
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