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Posted: 5/17/2003 11:52:22 AM EDT
Reprinted below is an email I received today from some of our Hometwon Marine Reservists based at Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn. (If you were there, these were the guys who picked up all the bicycles from us at ESU 3&4 in December)


We received your package this week. Thanks you for taking the time to send us a care package. Also thanks for the offer to send more items, but it looks like most of us will start to retrograde early next month.

Anyway, to answer your questions about the 6th Comm. Bn.: We provide the links and nodes for higher headquarters. Most of the communication equipment is what we call big-box items and require lift. Satellites, multi-channel, central office, switchboards, dtat services and telephones. We do not have a very large single-channel section. For myself, I am the commander for the construction/switching platoon. We are in the telephone section. There are about 700 Marines in this battalion and we are the only reserve comm. bn. in the Marine Corps.

We are a reserve unit located at Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn with one company in Amityville.

I am also a member of the Marine Corps League, Brooklyn Detachment 1.

(Personal questions edited out.)

Most of us are located at Camp Commando in Kuwait.Everything is going well and those who are deployed forward are starting to come back. The weather is getting worse, most days are over 100 degrees with the past three over 115. Hopefully, we'll be out of here before long.

Once again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Semper Fi,

John Sgro

Keep our guys in your thoughts and prayers fellows!

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