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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/8/2003 3:11:12 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 4:15:48 PM EDT

MODCC has adopted the yellow chamber safety flag for added safety. No rifle/carbine can be taken out of the case at the firing line without the safety flag in the chamber.

I understand that IDPA does not require the use of chamber safety flag. However, correct me if I am wrong, the only time a gun can leave the holster is when the shooter is ready to run the COF with an RO looking over his shoulder. This is not the case in our shoot. People like to show their guns and others may like to handle it for a closer look. So an added safety like a chamber flag is needed to allow other shooters to quickly verify (by visualization)that the chamber is indeed clear.

It will be great if CMMG carries these yellow flags so shooters who dont have one can get them in the spot from you. I also think we should require all guns to have these flags in the chamber at all times except when running the COF.

Other suggestion .... ummm .... 200-300 yd range perhaps? 600 yd would be nice, but I think it takes too much resources to build one. And, if possible, an optimal range should be facing north. This will keep the sun on your back at all times. The next best is facing south (like Finger lake). West or East bound range will be handicapped by the sun going up and down.

I remember seeing Army surplus pop-up target machineries sold at Sarco. It will be really cool to have pop-up targets set up at various distances all the way to 300 (or 600 .. hehehe) yards. It will be a nice addition to the tactical carbine course you guys are putting together.

Link Posted: 12/8/2003 4:36:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/8/2003 4:45:56 PM EDT by METALMAN]
I want to formally say thank you again to Jeff and John for hosting such a kick ass event. I had a killer time!!!
John, thank you for reigning me in at the end of the day, I should have made a better call. I just get worked up a little some times. Thank you!!!

As far as the whole MODCC thing goes. You two know your land, your ability to change it, and the best places to keep these events safe. I would have to concede to any call you all make in relation to these 'requests'.

My question to you is , what do you want?

As far as 'requests' go:

I really want to build a complex COF out of the walls we fabbbed up. They have the potential to be reconfigured with very little effort. I think it will require a flat area to do this.
I think it would be a very cool thing to have the COF run from an enclosed space type scenario, into an open space scenario as it is now.

I would love to see the reactive targets turn into an event. Thats why I built doubles of so many things. Two shooters see who can finish first!!! Fast fast fast!!!

I am ALL for the long range shit as I am now in the process of rebarreling and scoping my Czech VZ24 to be a 400yard machine!!!!

The other issue that becomes really important is communication. I really hope that I am clear in these posts and IM's on what I plan to do and how I will get it done. I think we all need to step up when each event comes up and take a 'chair'. We all know we will get to run the courses and such. But I think that logistics and the urge to SHOOOOOOTTT! Blind us a little and at the end of the day we are all a little shorthanded and undermanned.
To me, this is an easy remedy. I will volunteer to run the reactive games, and help build the walled COF. I think I am capable of that on my own. Outside of that my skills are taxed a little, but I can flex.

Now...logistically speaking I feel this is a lot to ask. In fact a lot to DO!
I will help with whatever I can. I think that is part of why I like MODCC so much. I feel compelled to build!!!!! Anything to get me into the shop is a good thing!!! Creation...destruction....such beautiful things.

And I am in total agreement with OZ on the chamber flag aspect. It does make things more clear in relation to safety. And when we all fall in line on that one, everything else is cake!!!

Again I pose the question to you two......
This is really the important question. When you figger it out I am there to help!!!!!

Link Posted: 12/8/2003 4:51:19 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 5:37:38 PM EDT
John and Jeff, Thanks for providing us with such an oportunity to have some fun and fire some FA stuff. I will certainly be back. Next time I won't fire the krink one handed [had to try]. Seriously it was a blast. I think the flags are a good idea for everyones safety and piece of mind. I think some sort of a portable gun rack would be good. A plywood base with a board in the center with some wood pegs to divide/prop the guns or half moon cutouts. I think a poster board should be hung with the order of shooters/times posted. Just to organize the sequence instead of who is next. It would be nice to run the COF and a range at the same time. Not everyone wants to do both. I didn't know what to expect. Most of my guns had optics for distance. I should have done the COF with the Kobra but I chose to just watch the first time. I will be prepaired next time. Thanks again to everyone, CB
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 6:44:16 PM EDT
CMMG, do you guys think you could come up with a couple of picnic benches or something for the next shoot? We could put guns on them and use them to sit down. The ground was wet and cold so nobody sat down on it, so I went from 10am to 4:30 or so without sitting down, which would have been nice. Maybe I'll think ahead and bring a lawn chair next time.
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 8:18:47 PM EDT
Jeff and John, once again thanks for letting us come out and play. I'm gonna see if one of these weekends I can grab the highlift and we'll see what we can do with the range. I don't know what you're paying for your dirt guy now, but we may be able to work out some sort of trade. I know Dad is always interested in that kind of thing. A person can build up some pretty good sized berms in a day with a decent sized piece of equipment. We can talk about it if you want, figured I'd throw the option out there anyway.
Link Posted: 12/9/2003 3:10:00 PM EDT
Jeff and John another “thanks” for hosting the match. An idea if you have a second range open, people could volunteer for set times or shifts to help operate the COF and range (R.O., time keepers, taper/scorers etc.) This would allow everyone to be involved and keep some from getting stuck in one position/place. The times and sign up could be posted here before the shoot.

Also the safety gathering at the beginning of the match is a great tradition to keep. The same set of basic safety procedures should be covered at the beginning of each event. This should also be posted on the MODCC site (it really is), and posted and available at the shoot. Items like chamber flags also worked really well at the Oct. Shoot to keep everyone handling weapons in a safe manner. It is great to see so very few safety violations…unlike the old public location (I still cringe at the public/clowns that showed up after the shoot)

Also, as Metalman said we can build a really challenging and safe COF. I will build two freestanding door sections to go with the walls for the next match. Once again thanks!

Link Posted: 12/9/2003 4:24:12 PM EDT

I would also like to say thanks! We (Zack and I) had a great time. It was nice to be able to put some faces to all the names.
Only suggestions I can make have already been brought up. Safety flags, 2nd range, picnic tables.

Link Posted: 12/9/2003 9:18:01 PM EDT
Let me know when the Tuesday shoot is next month and I'll be there! (WORKING WEEKENDS SUXXXXX!!!!)
Link Posted: 12/10/2003 6:33:33 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/10/2003 6:35:09 AM EDT by HellioN]
Mabey latter on doun the road we could actually have some type of defensive class or course.
I mean it's fun to just run the course and all but I think i'm not alone when I say it would be cool to actually learn some real tatics and stuff instead of just running around shooting stuff. (But thats fun to.)
I mean stuff like proper use of cover tactical reloading and transitioning from rifle to pistol and back.
I likt the benches/table and food ideas to.
What do the rest of you think.
And what's this about A tuesday shoot next month?
Link Posted: 12/10/2003 8:25:56 AM EDT
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