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Posted: 9/14/2004 4:33:30 AM EDT
Did you watch it? They gave too much time to the dyke from PA. And the guy
on the monitor had his volume cut back so you couldn't hear him over the
assholes ranting. The smug bastard who had his bro shot was playing the
emotional card. Too bad someone didn't call and ask him this: If your
brother was killed by a drunk driver driving a red Corvette would you favor
taking away all red Vets because their speedometer goes 160mph and no
citizen needs this horsepower killing machine, or go after drunk drivers
with tough laws....like has already happened? No, he'll take the Vet away
from the law abiding citizen. Muscle cars are evil. The max speed limit is
75mph. Red is a hot violent color. Gas guzzler. He would advocate a Hot
Wheel points system....Red, Fast, Gas Mileage........

The dyke lied (Surprise!) about 75% auto handguns used in crime in her
district, not assault rifles. She let that slip than denied it. They talked
over the monitor guy when he pointed out that 90% rank & file cops think the
law wrong and only their political leadership wants it. Like I said before,
my UAW union took my dues money and supported all the Democrats. I had no
choice...but they did not speak for me.

I don't know why I watch these one sided stacked debates. The moderators
never do their job, that's moderate. Cut the filibuster off. Don't allow the
grandstander to talk on the other sides dime. Give each side equal time.
Here, Lynn Doyle just let the dyke talk over all the others. She did a poor
job, not a fair and balanced debate. The arrogance of the left is legion.
You can't be polite and wait your turn with them, they will eat you alive.
The moderator must control the dog and pony show.

Another question to ask these types: Your home on a Sunday afternoon. You
hear automatic fire. A van has emptied a group of terrorists armed with
fully automatic AK-47s and sacks full of 30-round banana clips into your
neighborhood and their sweeping the street and entering homes spraying the
good citizens with real assault machine guns. They will not stop till their
either out of ammo or killed. So....What the hell do you do now asshole!?
Hope the neighbor squirreled away his assault rifle and that he will come to
your rescue? Don't count on the Police brass. Their a reactionary force and
usually get to the scene after the crime has been committed. Your on your
own. You want to use your brothers death as a political chip, well wait till
you see your family shot and their turning towards you.

Years back I would of thought this scenario was a gun nuts fantasy. But
now...? Who knows what these Jehadists are planning. Hit squads of religious
fanatics like this are entirely possible, most likely probable. What do you
do in a situation like this? Be realistic, really think it through.
KnockKnock...It's not the Girl Scouts or the J' Witnesses...DingDong, not
the Avon lady. It's your final words of religious wisdom being submitted for
your serious consideration.

Link Posted: 9/14/2004 9:31:49 AM EDT
Thank you for an excellent commentary. I would add that with our pourous borders, we cannot keep illegal aliens or drugs from coming into our country. So, I wonder how many automatic weapons, explosives and terrorists are crossing into our country at this moment? The police cannot be everywhere. Wake up, brain dead Liberals. Who is going to protect you?
Link Posted: 9/14/2004 12:16:54 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By Raptor22:
Wake up, brain dead Liberals. Who is going to protect you?

Well I don't know about you but I'm counting on the trunk monkey!

Trunk Monkey
Link Posted: 9/14/2004 5:51:26 PM EDT
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