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Posted: 5/16/2008 11:19:04 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/16/2008 11:24:12 AM EST by fargo007]
Hello shooters.

May 31st is going to be the first "Ladies Day" that we've had at practical rifle . It's going to be a nice casual day of shooting, having some eats, and having a little Gent + Lady team competition that will feel more like ordinary fun.

It's a day to get mama to come out to the range, meet some of the other shooters and their significant others, and just have a nice day together.

The CoF will require around 150 rounds of rifle, and 25 or so of pistol (yes, there's a pistol stage). Per team, not per shooter.

If you or your lady have some lady friends that would like to come down and give this a try, by all means bring them along. We've got single guys there of all ages, and what a romantic story it would be...

"I saw her from across the firing line... and my heart skpped a beat... In that moment ..... the brass moving through the air as if guided by some unnatural force of her beauty.... Her auburn hair waving so carefree in the back-blast from a nearby shooter's muzzle brake, and ever-so-slightly revealing the carefully chosen foam ear plugs that complemented her tactical vest...."

Who could deny any man or woman the chance to play a role in such a fantastic experience? I've already confirmed based on prior inquiries that LRGC WILL RENT OUT THE TRAILER for wedding receptions or other family functions.

I'm also told that under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, those of us who are NRA Certified Instructors are also qualified to perform legally binding marriage ceremonies between consenting adults on range premises provided live fire is actively taking place.

In other words, we'll have fresh cut flowers on standby in addition to the safety and medical equipment we always maintain.

In between all that, we're going to have a great day doing what we love to do, with the people we love. We're having lunch, which is on us at LRGC Practical Rifle. You need to let us know you're coming, and if you're bringing extra people along. Match fee is standard $10/members and $15/guests. We'd also like to say thanks to the ladies for a great year of shooting us guys (and girl) have enjoyed, and kick off a bigger and better 12 month season this year.

But seriously. There are many of us who are certified instructors/RSO's who would be happy to work with a visiting lady friend who is interested in giving practical shooting sports a try. The course of fire will be designed so it has stages appropriate for a first time shooter as well as those for more advanced personnel.

As always, please refer to http://langhornerodandgunclub.org/practicalrifle/ for details about what to bring as a shooter. If you're a guest, at minimum we require eye and hearing protection.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to receiving your RSVP at langhorne@langhornerodandgunclub.org.

We'll also have a separate precision course running which will be around 50 rounds.

Link Posted: 5/16/2008 1:10:47 PM EST

Originally Posted By fargo007:

"I saw her from across the firing line... and my heart skpped a beat... In that moment ..... the brass moving through the air as if guided by some unnatural force of her beauty.... Her auburn hair waving so carefree in the back-blast from a nearby shooter's muzzle brake, and ever-so-slightly revealing the carefully chosen foam ear plugs that complemented her tactical vest...."


Damn fargo, you should write those girly novels.

Anyhow, looks like i'll be out for this one----no SO and i don't want to be a third wheel. You guys have a great time.

I wont be at the june shoot either because my daughter is getting married that day---so, i'll see ya all in july.
Link Posted: 5/16/2008 1:13:51 PM EST
The Colt Shorty is finally sighted in and ready!!!!! No excuses for poor shooting now! LOL! Im gonna sight in my colt m4 and Eotech for my mom or another female if they wish to shoot! If we cant find a female to compete with us do will still get to shoot! I requested off of work so i can attend this month and it would really suck if i couldnt compete! My girlfriend has never shot before and is just warming up to the idea of shooting. I feel she might be a little too nervous and inexpirenced to safely compete! Either way i cant wait to enjoy another awesome day at the range!!!!!
Link Posted: 5/16/2008 1:26:46 PM EST

Bring her along anyway. She can watch and see for herself that this isn't an all "boy's club" event.

Link Posted: 5/16/2008 1:41:49 PM EST
We will be there.
I'm figuring Brian & Christine should do really well in a couples shoot
Link Posted: 5/16/2008 8:02:47 PM EST

Ex-Bachelor no. 3 will be there if'n the missus can be persuaded to go along. A gunny, she ain't. Dunno if we can scare up any spare chicks, but you never know.
Link Posted: 5/17/2008 4:23:35 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/17/2008 4:25:57 AM EST by fargo007]
I've reached out to the local chapter of the Women's Shooting Sports foundation and invited any in their membership who may be interested in practical shooting to come down.

Don't sit out too soon! depending on their participation, we may need several experienced competitors to shepherd them through the day. TKD - I would expect the can to be very popular.

It's going to be a very casual, introductory day, nothing like the pace I put you guys through. A fun day where we get them accustomed to handling the firearm safely and properly, hitting the steel and having a great time.

There will still be some stages in there that are appropriate for the more experienced shooter of the pair.

Link Posted: 5/17/2008 1:41:48 PM EST
Your email server is bouncing messages back.
Link Posted: 5/17/2008 4:00:08 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/17/2008 5:17:41 PM EST by fargo007]
I'm fixing that - don't know what happened....

Thanks for reporting that Veer. It's all fixed up.

Link Posted: 5/18/2008 12:58:20 PM EST
Well im def going to be there and i will have an extra ar15 if anyone needs a rifle to compete with! My GF is going to come and watch, but i still have time to convince her to shoot! I think this would be a fantastic event for her to see how safe and fun these shoots really are! I am looking forward to another awesome day at the range! Dan
Link Posted: 5/19/2008 7:08:36 AM EST
Im there! along with my better half to!

Can we paint the steel pink for this special event? ;)

Link Posted: 5/19/2008 11:57:53 AM EST
I will be on a road trip (with family in tow visiting MC friends/family) to shepherd a half dozen new NRA Instructor Candidates that weekend.

Thankfully I'll be able to afford more ammo as I have transitioned to driving an eco-friendly "whisper" car/golf cart.

With all the excess money I used to spend on fuel, I can offset the rising prices of ammo. And with my reduction in carbon footprint I can resume dumping my used motor oil and other "solvents" down the storm drain.

Long live carbon credits!

Have a safe match. Fargo and his crew run a tight ship.

Link Posted: 5/19/2008 12:41:56 PM EST
You know I'll be there with the g/f, she's been bugging me about this ever since I mentioned it to her.

I'll see you guys, and girls, there.
Link Posted: 5/21/2008 5:18:19 AM EST
Fargo, I'll be there. No SO for me, but I'll be there to help if nothing else. See y'all then.
Link Posted: 5/24/2008 2:12:50 PM EST
One week away.... If you are coming please plan on arriving by 9:30am. Also, you need not bring a significant other in order to participate.....

Hope to see some pafoa.com's at our shoot.

We at LRGC are AR, AK, FAL, H&K, FN, M1A, and Mouse friendly!


Link Posted: 5/29/2008 6:04:32 AM EST
Sat. is coming up! Cant wait to see everyone there.
Bumping the thread to the top.
Oh and i gotta say my wife looks so damn hot holding a AR.

Link Posted: 5/29/2008 5:09:26 PM EST
Well my girl finally shot for the first time this weekend!!!!!!! She couldnt put down Biker21sp's sig mosquito!!!!! She is coming Sat. to check everything out but prob wont shoot yet! Baby steps!! She is a pretty good shot with a handgun too! I still think its way too early for her to shoot the shorty!!!! Im gonna test out my new SKD chest rig and some new PMAGS! See everyone on Sat!!!! Dan
Link Posted: 5/30/2008 2:52:27 AM EST
I'm glad we decided to do this. We're going to have a great time.

We've got good food lined up, and we're gonna have some free time at the end too.

Link Posted: 5/30/2008 8:58:37 AM EST
Im helping out with breakfast, my wife is going to be making those russian cheese blintzers that everyone enjoyed at the Red December match.

Link Posted: 5/30/2008 3:38:05 PM EST
Superb! Otlichnya!!!

Those are great. I can't wait to meet everyone and have a good time. I'll see all you guys in the AM.

Link Posted: 5/31/2008 12:29:52 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/31/2008 1:45:05 PM EST by fargo007]

I had a great time guys. The ladies all did really well, and it was awesome to have them there on the firing line with us. I think this match was an astonishing success, and with the fantastic food we enjoyed, it really couldn't be beat.

I did my best to record everything accurately, but if you spot something amiss, let me know.

Thanks to my staff, tactical1 for organizing and delivering the chow, and to all the shooters who support the club and make fun events like this possible.

Link Posted: 5/31/2008 6:28:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/31/2008 6:29:31 PM EST by Veer_G]
What Fargo isn't telling you is that they took a cue from another local landmark and made Practical Shoots even more exciting ...

I still think I shoulda gotten points for hitting what little pink steel I could see at 200 yards in the middle of a monsoon downpour!

The missus and I repaired afterwards to Boston Market after a serious discussion on the subject of nice warm soup at Panera's.

And yes, my ass was still wet when we got home.
Link Posted: 6/1/2008 4:15:24 AM EST
Hey Veer!

Thanks for coming down again.

Come to think of it, you shot in probably the worst conditions of the day, and yeah, you made two hits. I'll give 'em to ya.

Say, where was that story about the "between hell and the water cooler" guy?

Link Posted: 6/1/2008 6:06:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/1/2008 6:37:08 AM EST by Veer_G]

Originally Posted By fargo007:
Hey Veer!

Thanks for coming down again.

Come to think of it, you shot in probably the worst conditions of the day, and yeah, you made two hits. I'll give 'em to ya.

Say, where was that story about the "between hell and the water cooler" guy?


About the only thing remaining via Google is this hit on a blog from back in 2006: http://smallestminority.blogspot.com/2006/02/think-youre-anonymous-think-again.html Since the owner of SIGForum packages up his content and sells it to the membership as an archive burned to CD on a regular basis, you can only go back about a year at any given time.

In essence, "Calvert1" lied about his background, his then current activities, everything, in fact, about himself, and then got caught because he stupidly attempted to participate in an '03 FFL transaction on a Russian milsurp rifle that had either been raffled off or donated to a third party. The rifle never got sent along, the paperwork incomplete, and the sworn and ex-sworn membership at SIGForum began to pull at the loose threads in the tangled weave of lies until everything unraveled.

In the aftermath of the failed transaction, "Calvert1" had faked his own death, online, via pancreatic cancer. There was no glorious service career, no subsequent employment in "the sandbox" by Blackwater, no titanium plate in his neck, or elsewhere, no voluptuous wife employed by the FBI, and no Porsche motor-car behind a solid-steel garage door that had supposedly been plasma-torched in order for imaginary crooks to roll it out and steal away with it on a flatbed tow truck.

What there was was a quick investigation that revealed an IT department pogue, the rear-most of all the possible civilian REMFs, with a big imagination, working at a Dallas-area company resolving IP issues and fixing remote printer assignments, ticket by boring trouble ticket. He had never been in the military, never been overseas, never been shot at in combat or returned fire in kind towards enemy combatants. He stole the honor of men better than him, men of sacrifice, wore that honor as his own, and then paid dearly for his deception.

From the same period of time:

Link Posted: 6/1/2008 10:30:32 AM EST
As far as our lost & found goes, I have secure in possession a 512MB photo card. It has photos on it of a really happy little boy that looks a lot like he could be Rex's son. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, please pass on his contact info.


Link Posted: 6/1/2008 1:32:55 PM EST
I have Rex's contact info. I actually found the card partially buried in the sand as I was taking my own photos and asked if it belonged to anyone - no reply so I just left it on a bench.

Should have the photos ready in the next 48 hours.

Link Posted: 6/1/2008 6:08:50 PM EST
That was a good time ! I stayed till 5pm and "dried off" my stick at the 25yard range

Link Posted: 6/4/2008 5:48:07 AM EST
Thanks for another great match this past weekend. The rain sucked , but it was still very nice to see a good turn out and a number of ladies shooting with us. See y'all in a few weeks for our next match.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 2:26:01 PM EST
Just a quick note to say thanks to all at LRGC. Was my first trip out there and had an awesome time. Great bunch of people. I was one of the few.. the proud.. shooting the precision cof and had a blast. Cant wait to get out and do it again.

Regards to all
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