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Posted: 8/29/2004 2:34:34 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/29/2004 7:15:01 AM EDT by Blackgun_Fun]
I was snooping around the Washington CeaseFire web site (know thy enemy ) and came across a link to a LETTER written by Chief Gil Kerlikowske regarding the AWB.

Now, I have seen some of the infamous letters and quotes on our site (bullet hose, more thrust per squeeze, AR-15 machine gun, assault rifles falling from the sky, streets filled with blood, etc..etc...) - but this one strikes me even more bizarre in a way (if you can possibly imagine that)

Our own Seattle CHIEF OF POLICE has provided us these fine quotes to add to our inventory:

"Starting Sept. 14, our law-enforcement officers and the general public will face a more dangerous environment in our communities."

"The ban was passed for very practical reasons. Prior to 1994, criminals were armed with enough firepower to outgun the police, making them nearly impossible to subdue, and allowing them to wreak terrible havoc in public places. The ban kept military-style assault weapons out of the hands of criminals."

"If this ban is allowed to expire, our nation's law-enforcement leaders will be faced with the reality of having front-line officers out-gunned by every street gang, drug trafficker, and common criminal with access to the neighborhood sporting-goods store."

"The reality is, when the family firearm becomes an AK-47 or Tec-9 assault pistol, they also become the easy weapon of choice for would-be school shooters and other violent teens. How many more lives will the gun lobby put at risk to sell more assault weapons?"

"As law-enforcement professionals, we must demand that our lawmakers help by keeping in place proven legislation that reduces crime and keeps our communities safe from violence."

Can you believe this guy?

I have A LOT of respect for Police Officers...but I think this guy might need a few sick days. How can he possibly make these kind of irresponsible statements?

Just thought I would share

EDIT: I may post a version of this in the General board just because it is so unbelievable to me. Hope that is ok with everyone.

Link Posted: 8/29/2004 10:18:47 AM EDT
If it makes you feel any better, the SPD officers I know can't stand the idiot, either.
Link Posted: 8/29/2004 10:27:55 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Terrato:
If it makes you feel any better, the SPD officers I know can't stand the idiot, either.

Yeah....that helps a little! I just can't believe a Police Officer could spew such a load of outright misinformation and lies to our fine liberal "sheeple" in this state. This is the last thing we need - or we will end up just like Kalifornia in no time!
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