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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/24/2003 10:11:49 PM EST
Hello and good day to you Mr Berman!

I have a small request to make of you regarding the Texas Concealed Handgun licensing system. I believe it would benefit all Texans with access to a computer (at home, at work, via local Universities, and local libraries) to be able to receive and locate information about his or her application online. To this end, I propose ammending the law to require:

1. The Texas Department Of Public Safety (Concealed Handgun Licensing Section) to ammend the application form to include an optional email address.

2. If, and only if, a valid email address is supplied, the TDPS should be required to enter that address into the computer system and send out an automatic PIN number and login information. Any time the status of the application is updated, such as request for additional information, incomplete or deficient packet, waiting on background check, license approved, or renewal approaching, the TDPS should send an email notification to the address provided advising the applicant/licensee that he or she should login to the system and check the details

3. Require TDPS to accept online notifications of a lost/stolen license as well as a change of address. Payment to be made via debit or credit card, or via instantly approved and verified electronic check systems. (A small surcharge of 2% might be added to offset the cost of credit card processing fees.)

4. Finally, TDPS should also allow a logged in applicant or licensee to modify his or her email address (such as when changing service providers), or cancel email notifications entirely.

These directives would benefit all Texans and lower the costs associated with concealed handgun licenses. Many who complete the application process do so by taking all-inclusive courses at local shooting ranges or gun stores. These businesses provide the TDPS packets to the students. This eliminates the possibility for the applicant to request a packet online from TDPS and thereby be issued a PIN number and login. This in turn leads to increased call-ins by these applicants who are unable to check their application or license status online.

Furthermore, a lost/stolen license and change of address are administrative items that take up processing time and add overhead costs. By logging in and signing the request with a PIN number, positive identity can be confirmed. This makes it easier on citizens and TDPS to keep CHL records accurate and timely. A lost license can be reported immediately online, the replacement fee paid, and the new license can be placed in the mail the next business day.

Please investigate this matter as time permits, and consider introducing a bill to this or similar effect to be debated during the next session of the Texas Legislature, which I believe will be the 79th if I am able to count correctly.



how's that? login to the texas legislature website, lookup your reps by zip code, and fire off some emails and letters if you like.

Personally I'd love to do as much as possible regarding paperwork online.

Link Posted: 9/24/2003 10:36:00 PM EST
btt i wanna read this in the mornin looks good!
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