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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/20/2006 8:13:50 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 5:08:48 AM EDT
Unless that upper is somehow distinguishable from all other similar uppers, your chances of recovery are very low. There are no serial numbers on the upper and they all look the same, different models of course.

Don't get me wrong, no one hates a thief more than me. I have had guns stolen as well.
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 10:16:07 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 4:38:01 PM EDT
Gary sez it was a $700 upper. Sounds like a flat-top bull barrel??????

Seems like someone in the crowd would've seen them walk off with it?????????????
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 6:10:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/3/2006 12:06:16 AM EDT
I work loss prevention for a TN retailer. I see people steal all the time. The professionals have hands like a magician. Sometimes it is really hard to see what actually happened; especially if they were working in teams. You can use one or two guys to distract while a third actually does the stealing. It is a very effective technique. I hope they find the bastid!
Link Posted: 4/7/2006 3:40:06 PM EDT
I was there talking to Gary about getting my barrel worked on when he noticed it gone.. Pretty messed up stuff. Sad part is that we eventually end up paying for it in the long run..

Link Posted: 4/7/2006 7:06:50 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/9/2006 7:57:27 PM EDT
While I was at Knob Creek on Saturday, I asked Gary if he'd any more uppers walk off. He said no, and that they were chaining their pieces to the tables from now on.

He did say that one of the other dealers in the shed had a M16 walk off !!!

I wonder if it was the same guy ? Maybe he needed a GUN to go with his new upper!!!

I just can't believe the NERVE of some people! To steal at a gun show of all places.....That takes some serious "cahonays".

If they coulda caught th' basturd....they shoulda set him in front of that GE mini-gun and let him "DANCE"
Link Posted: 4/9/2006 8:15:07 PM EDT
I heard it was an M60E4 that had walked off. When i talked to security a couple times they said no one caught yet and no recovery. I wasn't there today so i don't know the verdict.
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