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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2003 3:41:11 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/12/2003 3:46:24 PM EST by BillStClair]
I visited the new J & J Sports this evening. Its at 1800 Western Ave, "Cosmo's Plaza". If you head west from Stuyvesant Plaza (right turn at the end of the Northway southbound), you pass two "Crossgate Mall Road" signs. Not far after the second one, on the left side of the road is a sign saying "J & J Sports / Guns & Ammo". It's on the right-hand side of the building.

The setup inside is very similar to the old B & J Sporting Supply, except that it's only about half the size. Ammo is stacked underneath the front window. Guns are on the left hand side with handguns in a glass case that serves as a counter, and rifles on the wall behind the counter. There's a pretty good selection of rifles, including black rifles, and shotguns, The handgun selection is a bit sparse, though he does have a full line of Glocks. There are some knives in the counter at the front of the store. The bullets are in a square stack near the back of the store, arrayed almost exactly as they were in B & J. There's a good supply of accessories, holsters, etc.

Jim told me he planned to be open from 10-6 Monday thru Saturday, and if there are customers, he'll likely stay open till 7 on Friday.

I bought some Brenneke slugs. He had a couple of cases for $1.99/5, a quarter cheaper than the Wolf slugs I buy at my favorite little gun shop in Hoags Corner. I like to "plink" with slugs from my Winchester 1300 pistol grip 12 gauge. Hehe.

Once Brian opens the new B & J Guns, I doubt I'll visit Jim's store very often. Brian's store is bigger, and I'm betting it's gonna be way better. From what I saw looking through the glass door on Wednesday night and in Hiram Ranger's "virtual tour", it's a lot more pleasant atmosphere. And... I get to viddy the tall and beautiful Vanessa. Hehehehehehehehe.

But hey, I'm always glad to see another gun store. I hope they both do well.

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Link Posted: 9/13/2003 1:47:40 AM EST
Sure hope he opens on the 20th. If all goes well that will be my last weekend in upstate New York. The little women and I are scheduled to leave by auto on Wednesday the 24th for our new home in Plantation FL. I'll keep all you Upstaters posted on the FL weather from pool side Dec through April. Free of charge.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 1:56:51 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/13/2003 1:58:48 AM EST by BillStClair]
Hiram Ranger said in the Hey, HiramRanger thread on 9/8 that Brian should be open by 9/15, the day after tomorrow. 9/20, next Saturday, is the Grand Opening sale for ARFCOM members. Hopefully, Hiram will chime in here with an update.

It looked from Hiram's pictures (posted 9/9) in the Virtual Tour thread, that there wasn't much left to do except bring in product and put it on the shelves, but since there will likely be lots of product, that could take a while.

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Link Posted: 9/13/2003 7:48:54 AM EST
I think Brian was being overly optimistic on the 15th. My guess is you guys will be the very first customers on the 20th. I haven't been to J&J yet, maybe I'll stop by and wish Jim luck. I agree, the more stores the better, competition keeps prices lower for us all. Of course, I'll be busting my ass on Brian's part... but I'm always glad to see people have options.
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