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Posted: 9/6/2005 2:25:58 AM EDT
....how much O'Malley's rhetoric parallel's the dialogue of Ceasefire Maryland and the VPC?

From the Baltimore Sun, September 6:

Duncan and O'Malley also asked General Assembly leaders to support legislation that would establish a statewide "living wage" in Maryland for employees who work under state contracts.

Such a wage requirement, which is in place in Baltimore and other cities and passed the Assembly in 2004 but was vetoed, is designed to ensure that hourly workers make enough money to pay for rent, food, transportation and other daily requirements.

O'Malley claimed that Ehrlich has been an ineffective governor during three years in office and has been unable to work with lawmakers on solutions that he said most of the state wants.

"The people of Maryland should not have to override their governor's veto every time they want to make progress for themselves and their family," the mayor said. "The governor of Maryland is actually out of step with the desires of Marylanders."

Based on my dealings with the gun banner's lies and empty talking points, it seems that Duncan and O'Malley must have attended the same training sessions for progressive politics as Neil Quinter and Leah Barrett.

The upcoming election season is going to be UGLY here in MD. It's essentially Montgomery, PG and Baltimore City against the rest of the state and there's little those of us living outside of those areas can do to make a difference since those three jurisdictions basically can outvote the rest of the state.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 11:13:38 AM EDT
The Washington Post has something up its ass about Ehrlich, I'm surprised they haven't blamed Katrina on him yet.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 12:50:57 PM EDT

Originally Posted By vote_republican:
The Washington Post has something up its ass about Ehrlich, I'm surprised they haven't blamed Katrina on him yet.

Why blame Ehrlich when they have Bush to blame??
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 1:28:51 PM EDT
The Post has got wood for Ehrlich because he is popular and doesn't make apologies for taking strong stances. He doesn't take crap from the papers (most notably the Sun).

The point is, however, that Duncan and O'Malley are significant threats to us as gun owners and if they get elected and get loose in the legislature we are in big trouble. It has been a struggle for the last two years to keep any new legislation from getting passed, but we've successful partially because Ehrlich is on our side. With one of these Leftists in charge we could see the last several years of progress gone in a flash.

It's not too early to start getting behind your candidates financially and vocally. We need to grab a couple of gun friendly seats in Montgomery County and limit the damage done by the whack jobs from Baltimore City.

Some folks that have been good to us include:

Nancy Jacobs
Don Dwyer
____ Smiegel
____ Gianetti
Phil Jimeno
Joan Cadden

I'm sure that I've missed several so please feel free to add them to the list.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 1:32:50 PM EDT
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