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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/1/2003 5:12:54 AM EST
Hey just wondering how much attention CCW is starting to get from local media around the state. We've had a bit of coverage around here. the latest being this story in the Racine Journal Times. Over all I have not been to impressed with the coverage around here, but i'm not disapointed by it either.www.journaltimes.com/articles/2003/08/31/local/iq_2425458.txt

I thought you guys might like this part from a RPD investigator. I don't know him personally but from what he says in this artical I think him an ass.

William Chesen is an investigator for the Racine Police Department and a member of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association's board of directors. Chesen said he doesn't oppose outright any bill that allow some people to carry concealed weapons - off-duty and retired cops are OK, he said - and said a new law to relax the ban could reduce crime.

Specifically, he speculated that the robbery and double murder at Ron's Tavern on July 28 could have been foiled had the bartender had a gun within reach.

But Chesen does not support a bill as broad as Gunderson's.

"I would be opposed to a citizens' bill to carry concealed (weapons)," Chesen said. "I have a problem with that. How do you take into consideration, when doing a background check, a person's temperament?" As for Gunderson, he plans to get a permit if his bill becomes law. But he wouldn't say if he would actually carry a gun.

"I get asked the question all the time, and that's the beauty of this bill: No one out there will know who is and isn't carrying."

Like none of us would have thought about that. It is because of the chance of shit like that double murder that we non special people(read not current or retired LEOs) should be allowed to CCW, how does he say that that double murder could possibly have been prevented if the bartender could have had a CCW when she is not part of the special class of citizens he feels should be the only ones that should be allowed to CCW. Some fuckers just piss me off.
If she did feel the need to have one she could have as this happened after the state supreme court made their two CCW rulings.
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