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Posted: 10/22/2013 12:50:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/22/2013 12:52:09 PM EST by m1garand__man]
Is the deer hunting around Ft Riley worth a damn or is it all tapped out? I am wondering because I may be getting stationed there and I know that a lot of areas around military installations get hit hard and either there aren’t many deer around or getting access is very difficult. I was wondering how this is for the Ft Riley area.

Also how easy or difficult is it to get access to hunt on the installation? Is it a lottery? Do they tell you what days and areas you are assigned to hunt or do you have free reign over dates and areas in the hunting areas?

I ask this because I am primarily a meat hunter and I go through about 120-130 pounds of venison a year. I know I can get seven tags but that doesn't mean much if I either have to drive all over creation to fill them or just plain can't fill them.
Link Posted: 10/23/2013 10:45:35 AM EST
The Fort has different seasons than the rest of the state, and it is open to hunting deer, no lottery. There is an elk herd there too, but that is a draw. Hunting the base requires an orientation class and registering your weapons at the gate. The public land around there gets hit hard, and it pushes the deer onto private land or makes them go nocternal. The best bet it to get access to private land, which can be difficult as the state has become like Texas in terms of the lease crap in the eastern portion of it. The best option besides that is to hunt walk in management land (think block management, but not even close to size and scope.) This tends to get less pressure, especially away from population centers and can hold some good game. Another option is to enter the KDWP Special Hunts lottery. I used to do that every year and would always get some type of hunt and most often was successful.
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 1:31:03 AM EST
There are tons of deer in the area around Fr. Riley. There are public lands and walk-in areas. If you approach many farmers they will let you hunt their ground too.
I have no problem finding a place to hunt.
Link Posted: 10/26/2013 1:31:17 AM EST
yep, lots of public hunting and PLENTY of deer.

Hunting ON fort Riley is a monumental pain in the ass, it's easier, less crowded, and more productive to go off post.

Rifle season is like a truck show out there, lots of idiots trying to road hunt. If you're willing to hike in a little bit you can get away from the tards.
Link Posted: 10/29/2013 3:37:17 PM EST
Go off base, tons of walk in hunting areas that are open to the public, I grew up to the north of Ft Riley and we have plenty of deer on our farmground, a large amount of which is in the state walk in hunting program. It can be a bit crazy on opening weekend of hipower season, if I was you I would skip that weekend, especially if you're looking for food so I'm assuming you'd rather have does, don't forget the late/leftover season in january also.
Link Posted: 10/29/2013 6:34:50 PM EST
I'm with most on here. There are plenty of deer around. It sounds like you are fairly new to the riley area and I know thatitI can be hard to find landoweners. Would you be willing to travel? I can talk to some of my family that has quite a bit of land in SC Kansas with lots and lots and lots and lots of deer......especially if you are looking to stock the freezer. hit me up by PM here. In the meantime I'll talk to my uncle who owns the land and find out if he's open to the idea.
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