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Posted: 8/28/2005 10:00:26 PM EDT
Considering they have pistol grips? Because I've seen a few for sale on arfcom and calguns. Or do the pistol grips just have to be removed?

And why do they seem less popular than other rifles such as M1A's or FAB-10's? Or am I just living under a rock?
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 10:13:49 PM EDT
FAL - must be non-FN receiver, and either have a fixed magazine or remove the pistol grip.

M96 - no pistol grip.. apparently the DOJ has given them problems with it being too similar to some other gun, so the grip rule might have changed.
Link Posted: 8/30/2005 5:33:57 AM EDT
I saw an interesting statistic on the Falfiles. California has the second or third highest amount of FAL owners in the US after Texas. Cool
Link Posted: 8/30/2005 7:09:05 AM EDT
yeah just that if u deside on buying a complete rifle from someone out of state good luck trying to find an FFL that will do the transfer.

I'm the proud owner of a FAL but i had to build it myself for that same reason.
Link Posted: 8/30/2005 9:50:09 PM EDT
....what better way, to reach out....and touch someone.

Nothing does it like a 7.62!

Link Posted: 8/31/2005 1:35:39 PM EDT
I like my SOCOM with detachable magazine better

Link Posted: 8/31/2005 3:17:20 PM EDT
Those 10 round mags are hard to seat properly.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 12:02:00 AM EDT
Try putting in one of the 5 round magazines!
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:08:12 PM EDT
Yes the M96 California Recon is legal in Ca. I have one. But no pistol grip. Here is the link.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:41:39 PM EDT
that stock on top.. .what is it?
is dropped in or bedded?.. whats the cost?

i also see you modified a Sage...
nice, did you have to buy the complete stock and cut it? or is it somehow a calistan stock?
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:45:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 9:02:25 PM EDT by MicronuT]
gunrunners in monrovia (626 358 7711) , has some m96's in stock.. if you guys are ok with the lack of grip thing..

for the fals, DSArms.com , they make a calistan version of a fal.. looks like precalistan, but yea, the magazine is fixed and yoiu will never know it.. until you load it. my latest research shows that a stripper clip will load the mag with the bolt open.. ...

heres a link to the thread... and they are available in cali..

actually if you guys arent registered in this thread you wont be able to view it..


Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:48:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 9:11:07 PM EDT by MicronuT]



MikeSearson specials ...those are kit builds on Imbel receivers with compliant parts and permanently fixed 10-round magazines.

Link Posted: 9/6/2005 8:41:18 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 8:46:36 PM EDT by hycheng]

Originally Posted By FNC80:
Those 10 round mags are hard to seat properly.

Yes, I have to throw away 1 out of 4 of those crappy 10 round to prevent FTF or seating problem. But once you find the correctly made one, they work like a charm. At least its better than feeding stripper clip

I got a DSA Cali FAL also, but I will take my SOCOM any day.

The guy who built my stock does not want to do it anymore so I have to respect his privacy.
The Sage I have is a Cali version SecurityArms.com sells them for $600. I am working with Law483 to make a better tail stock for it. The current stock is for a Remington 870 and the LOP is rediculous.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 9:01:19 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 9:04:29 PM EDT by MikeSearson]

Originally Posted By MicronuT:
pic of the california legal SA58 by DSA

Those aren't DSA rifles...those are kit builds on Imbel receivers with compliant parts and permanently fixed 10-round magazines.

Link Posted: 9/6/2005 9:05:29 PM EDT
there we go! sorry bout the mix up... how much different to they look?
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 9:14:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2005 9:24:36 PM EDT by GNMN]
Just put tis one together
Pic 1
notice 10 round fixed mag. mag is from Enterprise Arms and works just fine with stripper clips
pic 2
pic 3

This is a Imbel kit on a Enterprise Arms upper receiver
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