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Posted: 4/19/2010 3:26:46 PM EDT
May be a dumb question but I havent really seen anything that says weather it would work attached to a duty belt. I have found these on ebay for between $40 - $60.

Good choice or should I stay away? Im having real trouble finding a good duty holster for my USPc that is under $75. I really dont want to slack on a good duty holster but I have so many other expenses right now that I cant drop $100 buck to get a good one.

BTW. My company is arming me because of the shifts I work(long hours in a big place, with no back up ..... and because of a situation that happened on my shift. I hope to be able to post some of the camera footage soon! you guys are going to shit your pants.... Lets just say this: Situation happened about 2 months ago, made the News, people were arrested. All court cases are now over and everything is good.

I might recruit somebody to help me get the video posted, so if your good at this type of thing let me know.
Link Posted: 4/19/2010 3:53:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2010 4:16:09 PM EDT by capt512]
Glad to hear they are arming ya, seems like a no brainer to me...! I think a Serpa would work just fine as a duty holster (do you have any requirements level 1, level 2?), my serpa is mostly reserved for range duty but I would have no problem carrying it for duty. Easy to manipulate, never had a problem with mine. I would go for the CQC version over the sportsman though as the sportsman might look out of place being as how its grey.

I would rate it far above Fobus in every aspect. Galco makes some for around $70, but I know thats getting higher in price, actually about twice as much as a serpa. For the money value, I'd go Serpa. Rogue Outdoors has the Serpa CQC for the HK USP Fullsize for $36.18 delivered, which in my experience with many Serpa holsters, the fullsize and compact holsters work for both guns. So you should be able to use a fullsize holster without any problem for your compact.
Link Posted: 4/19/2010 3:59:54 PM EDT
I think it has to have at least 1 retention device. Do you think it will fit on a standard sized duty belt? The nylon kind or whatever they are made out of?
Link Posted: 4/19/2010 4:23:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2010 4:29:43 PM EDT by capt512]
Then that will qualify for your retention :-) Should fit just fine for standard duty belt, I was thinking it went up to a 2" slot for belt? Looks like up to 2 1/4" belt? You can adjust the belt hole size too so you can make it work with any belt up to a 2 1/4".

If you really want you can go extra fancy and get the carbon fiber version.
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