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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2003 7:12:21 PM EST
Well it took longer than I expected and I'm still not sure on what all I'll be selling but here's the initial offering:
1) Colt SP-1--$1,150 or lower receiver assembly--$1,000 2) Mac-11 pre-ban--$350 3) AMT Hardballer .45auto, stainless, barrel may be bad?--$325 4) Romanian SAR-3 .223 AK-47, never been fired or packing grease taken off, no longer imported--$350 5) Ruger 10/22 NIB--$175 6) Savage Mark II bolt action .22 rifle, bull barre, Tasco 2.5X10X44 scope, as new--$275 7) Enfield #4 MK I--SOLD pending funds 8) Marlin/Glenfield 60 .22 rifle--$75 9) Ruger MKII KMK-512, semi-auto, bull barrel, stainless, NIB--$250 10) NEF 9-shot stainless revolver--$100 11) AR-15 7.62X39 Colt upper, NIB--$500 12) AR-15 9mm Colt upper, NIB--$600 13) FMJ 410/.45LC double barrel derringer, one barrel needs a tweak to make it fire consistently--$75 14) FAL STG-58, .308 battle rifle w/bipod, I've never shot it--$600 It's late and I work in the morning so I'll sign off for now and will try to update this tomorrow but will probably be Sunday. If you have any questions or feel any price is out of line let me know or make me an offer. This thread will go to Equipment Exchange after the Fairgrounds show at the end of this month. Just for your curiosity the other weapons I may be selling are: another SP-1, AR-15 9mm Colt Carbine, Norinco 1897 Trench Gun which isn't imported anymore, Polytech M1A, NIB CZ-452 bolt action .22lr rifle, J.C. Higgins 20 ga. bolt action tube-fed shotgun, American 180 semi auto .22 rifle, MG-42 parts kit in .308, SPAS-12 shotgun, Mini-14 factory folder export rifle w/Danish proof marks, Norinco AK .223, Marlin Camp-9 NIB, Marlin Camp-45 NIB, M-1 Carbine (Standard Products receiver), Beta-C mag, Savage Kimmel Kamper 20 gauge, AP-74 .22lr AR-15 look-a-like, Enfield #1 MK V, Tec-22...that's all I can remember or have seen lately that I'd even think about selling. Thanks for looking and hope it was worth your time!
Link Posted: 9/14/2003 7:31:44 PM EST
HELLLLOOOOO, anybody out there? Do I not have anything that anyone is interested in or do you think my prices are too high? If you are interested then make me an offer. Thanks!
Link Posted: 9/15/2003 10:57:42 AM EST
Interesting list. FAL Stg for $600? Hmmmmm. Must ponder that. Mags?

Standard Products carbine? Rebuild I assume? $?

Had an AP-74 for a lot of years. I think I actually managed to wear that thing out. Sold it a while a go. Fun guns.
Link Posted: 9/15/2003 12:41:14 PM EST
Thanks for your reply ameshawki. The FAL comes with 1-2 mags (metric of course) as I'd have to look in the box, mags are still available all over for $5-$7 and they'll last forever. Yes the M-1 Carbine was an arsenal rebuild as it has the bayonet lug on the barrel, my dad is out of town and I have to check with him to see if he's ever going to shoot it before I go and sell it. They should be back before the Fairgrounds gun show and will ask him then, my guess is the price would probably be $550. The AP-74 I have is awesome and a hell of a lot of fun to shoot since it looks so real and people can't believe "how quiet that AR is" when I'm shooting it next to them. Gotta get back to cleaning the house before the wife gets home!
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