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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 2/17/2006 8:55:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/17/2006 9:17:30 AM EST by opie69]
82nd airborne is the one i am speaking of, they are running a really nice raffle in support of him

From Ed Sr:

"We pride ourselves in the fact that we take care of our own,when they are in need.

In the past,we have helped people who have lost -or were close to losing- their homes. We have helped veterans in desperate need of financial assistance,when they have fallen on hard times.We have helped the sick,as well as those overseas, fighting for freedom and risking their lives in the military.

Tonight,I ask you to help a good man who fits all the criteria mentioned above.

This man is a combat veteran and member of the site.He has always given cash and donated his time whenever it was necessary without ever expecting anything in return.

He is seriously ill with a lethal disease of the liver, that will require a transplant.
His disease-Primary Billiary cirrhosis (PBC) -is not the result of him abusing his body with alcohol, drugs or anything else.It is a disease that affects some people,in a similar way to Diabetes,Lupus,etc.(IOW,not "self inflicted")

I will not bore you with details,but I must tell you some basic facts.

His medical care will apparently be covered by the VA,so we do not have to worry about the horrendous medical expenses that will be incurred with the transplant.Thank God that in his case, the VA will not abandon one of our veterans in times of need,as has happened to so many other vets.

Because of his debilitating illness and jaundice (yellow skin,eyes,etc) due to the non-functioning liver,he can no longer be employed.

What we need to help him with,is food,rent,utilities and other expenses until he gets his transplant.He is the kind of man who has not said a word about his condition (I found out through another person) and has continued participating in the site.............. at a limited and deminished rate.

If giving him a piece of my liver were possible (I already asked) ,I would not think twice about being his donor.Unfortunately,it seems that a partial liver transplant is not a possibility in his case.
That is the kind of man I am talking about."

I met 82nd at Gunstock and I can vouch for Ed's opinion of the man because I share it with him. He is truly a cut above the rest. If there is a time, any time, that you feel the need to reach out and lend a hand up, now should be that time.

So, in order to help, a couple of us dug around in the closet for some odds and ends we weren't using and put together a raffle to raise some cash for 82ndAbn.

Here's a list of the prizes:

1. 1 Cavalry Arms 20" flattop rifle, original box, one NIW 30rnd magazine. (slightly used 200 rnds)
Donated by : captainpooby

2. 1 2005 AR15.com SEBR M4 rifle by Bushmaster. Hardcase, sling, 30rnd magazine.
Donated by: EdAvilaSr

3. 1 EOTech 512 Rev F
Donated by: nationwide

4. 5 British 30rnd magazines
Donated by: 4get_No1

5. 3 Centerline 30rnd magazines with Magpul followers and stubby baseplates. (slightly used, good condition)
Donated by: Bumblebee_Bob

6. 2 Center Industries 30rnd magazines
Donated by: LANCEMAN

7. ARFCOM challenge coin #573
Donated by: M4Madness

8. ARFCOM challenge coin #121
Donated by: 1shott

9. Genuine Armalite 20rnd waffle magazine (rare)
Donated by: Sylvan

10. HK 30rnd AR15 magazine (high end stainless mag)
Donated by: Wolfpack

11. #27 ARFCOM challenge coin and an all original 1967 Colt mag
Donated by: P806

12. Belgian Browning HiPower, 99%
Donated by: MrCleanforhire.

13. ARFCOM challenge coin # 283 and a NIB Cold Steel Mini Tac fixed blade knife.
Donated by: Seth_Livzz

14. stripped C7 upper with rear sight (A2 upper with A1 sight)
Donated by: cduarte

15. ARFCOM challenge Coin #235 and a new Surfire G2 in black.
Donated by: GUNGUY1911

16. BSA Red dot sight, Fixed stock with buffer and spring, 30 rnd magazine.
Donated by: SigSaurP228

17. 10 boxes of M852 Lake City match
Donated by: chapperjoe

18. Browning BAR rifle in 7mm Magnum, 99% condition.
Donated by: 1911builder

Here's the deal: Tickets are $20 each, 6 for $100. The raffle will run for 4 weeks with the drawing on Friday, March 16th. Winners will be posted here and contacted via IM and email.

If you win one of the rifles you must arrange the transfer just like normal. You will have to send a signed copy of your FFL to either captainpooby(me) or Ed Sr. and we will ship your rifle to your FFL.

If you win the EOTech, nationwide will ship to your address same goes for the mags from 4get_No1, Bumblebee_Bob and LANCEMAN and the coin from M4Madness etc.. for all the other prizes.


To purchase with check or MO send $20 per ticket or $100 for six tickets to:

Jeff Cook (Gloftoe)
PO Box 162504
Austin, TX 78716-2504

Make a note on the check or MO with your boardname and 82ndAbn raffle.

It is imperative that you include your boardname!!

You will not actually receive tickets since it's a "virtual raffle" on the internet. Your name will be put in the virtual hat and we'll draw and announce the winners here.

The prizes are not "virtual", they are very real!

Thanks, please be generous and good luck to all!

I had an IM question from someone serving in Iraq so I'll answer it here. If anyone serving overseas wins any of the prizes, we will do whatever it takes to hang on to your prize and get it to you when you get home and that includes the firearms!

Void where prohibited by law. Winners may be asked to answer a skill testing question. No animals were harmed in the making of this raffle although we aren't above harming animals. Your Momma wears army boots, God bless her and God bless the USA!!!!

Link Posted: 2/17/2006 9:01:38 AM EST
How about posting specifics on how we are to get the funds to ..... - who, how?

Link Posted: 2/17/2006 9:16:46 AM EST
sorry added the pertinent information
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