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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/30/2003 12:24:12 PM EST


7-13-03 9am to 5pm at the Buffalo Range, Ottawa, Illinois


Post any contributions you'll be making to the day below- Food, shelter, drink, or just your attendance!

Link Posted: 7/1/2003 2:29:17 AM EST
i am planning on comming, bringing a few friends, one just bought a .5obmg ferret

Link Posted: 7/1/2003 4:29:21 PM EST
I'm there. You all need to start wearing body armor to these events. I feel like an odd ball being the only one with it on.... Well I am odd.
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 5:39:17 PM EST
I will be there too, I will have 3 -8'tables, chairs, cooler,markers, name tags and an e-z up tent. Hmmmmmm I seem to always bring the same stuff. Well I will add something new this trip. I just got an AK, and a State Arms 50 BMG. I will have them both to play with. I will also be bringing a few newbies, and Fishfood.
Rally, I will have some body armor on too, never know what a newbie will do. See you all in a few weeks.

Link Posted: 7/2/2003 3:16:15 PM EST
(I'll be there with a friend)

I heard a good tip a while ago, for keeping everyone safe with a new shooter: only load their mag with one round. If they turn around and flash everyone, you'll know nothing can come of it.

Of course, loading the mag with one round *and* having body armor on covers all your bases

Rally, what kind of armor have you been wearing and how heavy is it? Does it breath?

Also, I might need to sight some stuff in. Is it best to bring your own targets?

I'd come with food again, but it seems like the past couple of times we've been bringing too much and a lot wasn't used...
Link Posted: 7/3/2003 5:59:46 AM EST
For sighting in, bring your own targets. I've used that end of the range before and the cardboard is pretty beat up. I usually bring my own backer board as well, just in case. See you all on the 13th ! ! !
Link Posted: 7/5/2003 1:18:32 PM EST
Rally, what kind of armor have you been wearing and how heavy is it? Does it breath?

It's a Point Blank OTV - Otherwise known as an "interceptor" vest. Not to heavy at all when there is no ballistic plates in it. As far as "breathing" goes, I have yet to find a body armor that doesn't trap at least some moisture. Overall it's the shizznet fo shizzle.
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:51:03 AM EST
Can't wait!!!
Need to make an ammo trip. Look forward
to seeing everyone there.... 7/13/03
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 4:11:01 PM EST
I am stocked up on ammo for Sunday. By the looks of this post its gonna be small. C'mon this can't be all the people that are going...Either way, see you all Sunday morning
Link Posted: 7/10/2003 5:56:58 PM EST
I'll be there, probably with my dad, too. I'll have a cooler full of pop, root beer, etc...
Link Posted: 7/11/2003 3:35:56 AM EST
See you all Sunday morning.
Link Posted: 7/12/2003 9:29:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/12/2003 9:30:19 AM EST by teknical]
Anyone have an A2 front sight wrench I can borrow (for a little while at the shoot)?


I'll bring some food things, even if nobody eats them
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 4:19:15 PM EST
The BuffaloBlast was a blast, as usual. Good to see all the regulars again.
Batch114, Friz, Snojet, RL556, and the rest of the crew. Great day, good fun and good people. We even managed some eats! Thanks for the efforts folks!

Sorry no pics- I think Snojet has some though

The next Blast will be early September- Hopefully After Sportsman's Guide gets me my next shipment of SA M193

So Start the prepping!

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