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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/24/2005 1:02:39 AM EDT
We celebrated Christmas with my folks tonight as they are leaving town in the morning. My daughter made out like a bandit Its coolhow Santa came early so that Nana and Pampa could celebrate Christmas with her.

Anyways now the cool thing

My dad and I have had this running joke about me getting a Barrett 82A1 for Christmas. Actually taught my daughter to say Barrett 50 cal her first Christmas. She was good too. So I get this email from my dad, saying there is a box here (he is an FFL) that says Barrett, did you order something. Ha Ha chuckle chukle. Well I havea long box under the tree. Heavy, but 10/22 heavy, not 82A1 heavy. Tear the paper off and it says Barrett in Blakc Sharpie. Ha Ha chuckle Chuckle. Open up the box and it is something I will cherish more than a Barret, a very very nice all original Winchester Model 62A pump 22. Original stock w/o cracks, original butt plate, bore looks good, finish is in very good condition.

For a moment I just had to be selfish and enjoy the moment. What a great gift.

More to the story...

A friend of our family passed away about 18 -24 months ago. His widow didn't want firearms in the house (she is elderly, though active) because she was concerned that it made her a target for robbery and she was selling her house and moving into a condo. Well my dad appraised the guns for her. Knowing that I love old pump 22's, he tells me about this 62A that she has. Many nice nice guns in the estate. He says she will have another friend sell them for her (didn't want my dad to compete with himself to help her out. My dad told me the value of the gun and then says she may want even more than that for it. So I keep looking at the gunshows for it. He would only bring 4-6 guns per show as he had limited table space. Never saw it and was too shy to ask how much since it wasn't there. I finally figured that someone had bought it before it ever had a chance.

Well now its mine and will some day be my daughters and hopefully if I do my part, it will be her childs and so on.

Left my camera at my folks house, so pics will have to be tomorrow.

I'm still floating on cloud 9
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