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4/22/2019 5:32:20 PM
Posted: 4/17/2007 2:13:13 PM EDT
"Screw you Paul Helmke, you limpwristed over emotional, weak minded pansy ass!"

That is all................

Comments or additions to my statement are welcome.

Link Posted: 4/17/2007 4:39:57 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/17/2007 4:40:30 PM EDT
What did he do now?
Link Posted: 4/18/2007 3:31:48 PM EDT

Originally Posted By WILSON:


Comments or additions to my statement are welcome.

Who is Paul Helmke?


j/k! Hi Corbitt!

How ya doin Eric?!!!
Link Posted: 4/18/2007 3:35:37 PM EDT

Originally Posted By BBar605:
What did he do now?

He's had his smug mug on the tube and radio promoting his gun control crap.

Not sure if everyone knows; he is the leader of the Brady group now.
He was always a shyster!
Link Posted: 4/19/2007 7:23:37 PM EDT
Guess my first post here will be an anti-Helmke rant.

I heard him on Dennis Miller, smug as ever, pushing forth the over-regurgitated hi-cap mag ban and other things that would have done nothing to prevent the VT tragedy.

He's an embarassment to Indiana, and is unworthy of calling himself a Hoosier.
Link Posted: 4/21/2007 6:51:18 PM EDT
Yea I caught it on tv a little later that night he's such a pantie waste. He needs smacked in the
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