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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/9/2006 12:55:47 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/9/2006 1:34:05 AM EDT by larrycwdc]
Every couple of years the idiots at the Washington Pox start delivering papers to my address. When I call them up, and ask them to pick up the litter they deposited on my property, they are always non-plussed, pointing out that it is a free trial subscription, and I was specially chosen to receive it. They seem miffed when I reiterate that they need to pick up their litter from my property ... and while they're at it, to keep their free subscription.

I was pointed to an exceptional reminder of just how much I hate the Washington Pox by a rant at another board. The editorial was cited as a good thing.

If your stomach is weak from too much weekend, don't read the link. You might puke. It's got gems like:

"Contrast that with the situation across the Potomac in Gaithersburg, where a burst of citizen opposition -- and bungling by local authorities -- has at least temporarily derailed plans for a similar center."

I presume the author meant that local authorities should be crafty enough to not be deterred from aiding and abetting criminal behaviour by "burst(s) of citizen opposition." Yeah, I get it. Don't worry about the citizens' sentiments, worry about illegal aliens, and the law-breakers who hire them.

The author doesn't feel the need to mention the fact that asshats hiring the illegal aliens are breaking the law. Halfway through the article, the disgusting term "undomented immigrants" pops up ... after a Pollyanna depiction of how everything is so much better in Herndon, now that it has the shelter. In the last paragraph, a half truth finally appears, at the beginning of the following sentence:

"Many of the workers at the centers are illegal immigrants, whose swelling numbers attest to the federal failure to control the nation's borders and enact sensible laws."

Something tells me that the first clause of this sentence was inserted only with a lot of gnashing of teeth and grumbling, for fear that the editorial's slant would otherwise be too blatant for even the Pox's editors. I can think of many different things to which these centers attest, like "whose ever swelling numbers" will continue to increase in size until the Nation suffers irreparable harm, in the same way that a tapeworm -- unless treated -- will grow and grow, eventually killing its host. Most of the money these illegals earn, leaves this country, never to return.

The one-way stream of dollars going in to Mexico and Central America is slowly killing our economy ... but everyone wants to talk about how the illegals aren't a tax burden. I am sad.
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