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Posted: 10/19/2004 8:55:09 AM EDT
The ISRA-PVF is pleased to announce its candidate endorsements for the 2004 General Assembly races.

Headlining this year's list of endorsements is Aaron Schock, the Republican candidate for the 92nd House District seat. Schock is squaring off against incumbent Democrat Ricca Slone in what is expected to be a very heated race. Slone has a long-standing record of hostility toward hunters, sportsmen and other lawful firearm owners. Not only has Slone marched in lockstep with Chicago gun control advocates, but she is also one of a handful of lawmakers who actually voted against a state law designed to protect hunters from radical animal rights activists. Radical animal rights activists are well known for committing such acts as poisoning hunting dogs, torching gun clubs, and booby-trapping hunters' duck blinds and tree stands.

Other ISRA-PVF endorsements include:

-- William E. Peterson, 26th Senate District

-- J. Bradley Burzynski, 35th Senate District

-- Dan Rutherford, 53rd Senate District

-- Bill Haine, 56th Senate District

-- Gary Forby, 59th Senate District

-- Jim Meyer, 48th House District

-- Tim Schmitz, 49th House District

-- Ron Wait, 69th House District

-- Careen Gordon, 75th House District

-- Jim Sacia, 89th House District

-- Michael Smith, 91st House District

-- Art Tenhouse, 93rd House District

-- Rich Myers, 94th House District

-- Gary Hannig, 98th House District

-- Raymond Poe, 99th House District

-- Rich Brauer, 100th House District

-- Ron Stephens, 102nd House District

-- Bill Black, 104th House District

-- Kurt Granberg, 107th House District

-- Bill Grunloh, 108th House District

-- Chapin Rose, 110th House District

-- Tom Holbrook, 113th House District

-- Mike Bost, 115th House District

-- Dan Reitz, 116th House District

-- John Bradley, 117th House District

-- Brandon Phelps, 118th House District

The ISRA-PVF bases its endorsements on candidate positions on issues important to the state's law-abiding gun owners, as well as legislative voting records.

A full list of endorsed and preferred candidates may be found at the ISRA-PVF Web site, http://www.isra-pvf.com
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 9:46:23 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/21/2004 9:57:10 AM EDT by mw365]
NRA-PVF adds to this list:

Illinois Senate:

Carole Pankau, 23rd Senate District

*Kathleen Wojcik, 28th Senate district

*Pamela Althoff, 32nd Senate district

*Pat Welch, 38th Senate district

*Christine Radogono, 41st Senate district

*William Brady, 44th Senate district[/red

*John Sullivan, 47th Senate district

*Larry Bomke, 50th Senate District

Illinois House:

*Robert Biggins, 41st House district

*Terry Parke, 44th House district

*Lee Daniels, 46th House district

*Patricia Bellock, 47th House district

*Patricia Reid Lindner, 50th House district

*Mark Beaubien, Jr., 52nd House district

*Suzanne Bassi, 54th House district

*John Millner, 55th House district

*Paul Froelich, 56th House district

*JoAnn Osmond, 61st House district

*Robert Churchill, 62nd House district

*Jack Franks, 63rd House district

*Dave Winters, 68th House district

*Robert Pritchard, 70th House district

*Mike Boland, 71st House district

*Patrick Verschoore, 72nd House district

*David Leitch, 73rd House district

*Donald Moffitt, 74th House district

*Frank Mautino, 76th House district

*Angelo Saviano, 77th House district

*Lisa Dugan, 79th House district

*Tom Cross, 84th House district

*Brent Hassert, 85th House district

*Bill Mitchell, 87th House district

*Dan Brady, 88th House district

*Jerry Mitchell, 90th House district

Aaron Schock, 92nd House district (a repeat, but an important one, and an ugly fight too!)

*Randall Hultgren, 95th House district

*Joe Dunn, 96th House district

*Jim Watson, 97th House district

*Robert Flider, 101st House district

*Shane Cultra, 105th House district

*Keith Sommer, 106th House district

*Roger Eddy, 109th House district

*Steve Davis, 111th House district

*Jay Hoffman, 112th House district

U.S. Senate: No endorsement

Alan Keyes-A

Barack Obama-F

U.S. House:

*Phil Crane, 8th House district

*Jerry Weller, 11th House district

*Jerry Costello, 12th House district

*Judy Biggert, 13th House district

*Dennis Hastert, 14th House district

*Tim Johnson, 15th House district

*Don Manzullo, 16th House district

*Ray LaHood, 18th House district

*John Shimkus, 19th House district


*George W. Bush (DUH!)

Republicans are in red,
Democrats are in blue, a la the 2000 "Sea of Red" map.


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