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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/12/2006 3:44:36 AM EST
ISRA Action Alert: Time to call your state representative on HB2414

This bill, HB 2414, is a semi-automatic and .50 cal ban, and is left over from last year's sessions of the 94th General Assembly. It was a bad bill then, and it's a bad bill now. It now stands with 6 house amendments to try to make it more palatable, and we could see more amendments on this bill.

This bill is on the calendar for a reading, and could be called as early as Thursday, 1/12/2006, so take a few minutes at your earliest opportunity to call on the phone and urge your representative to OPPOSE this bill.

ISRA Press Release:
Illinois' Gang of Four Responsible for Savage West Chicago Beatings



The following was released today (1/11/2006) by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA):

All James and Mireille Ellberg wanted to do was spend a pleasant morning in the park, feeding the birds. Instead, they were savagely punched, stomped, and run over with their own vehicle by a ruthless thug young enough to be their grandson.

Of course, blame for this inhuman attack lies clearly with the perpetrator. However, the Ellbergs' inability to defend themselves lies squarely with Illinois' "Gang of Four" -- Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Senate President Emil Jones, House Speaker Mike Madigan, and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Thanks to the Gang of Four, Illinois remains one of the few states that prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying defensive firearms. Despite the fact that violent crime rates drop dramatically when states allow the carrying of defensive firearms, the Gang of Four stonewalls every attempt to examine the issue here in Illinois.

For the past several sessions of the Illinois General Assembly, the ISRA and concerned lawmakers have introduced bills that would provide qualified individuals the opportunity to carry defensive firearms. Under these proposals, applicants would have to clear background checks, receive training in applicable laws, and pass practical evaluations. These strict standards notwithstanding, House Speaker Madigan bottles these sensible bills up in committee -- refusing even to allow a public debate on the bills' merits. Meanwhile, countless Illinois citizens continue to be robbed, raped and brutalized without the slightest chance of preserving their security.

"It's time for the General Assembly to pull its head out of the sand on the issue of self defense," said ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. "For too many years, we've seen Speaker Madigan thwart every effort to bring the issue of self defense to a debate before the full House of Representatives. This past session, House Bills 2567 and 2607 were introduced in hopes of fostering that open and honest debate on the topic. Unfortunately, Speaker Madigan assigned the bills to the Rules Committee -- a committee well known as a graveyard for bills that the Speaker doesn't like."

"There is significant support from the public and in the General Assembly for legislation allowing the carry of defensive firearms," continued Pearson. "We know that, and Speaker Madigan knows it as well. That is why he kills off any attempts to bring the issue to the House floor. Passage of a concealed carry bill in Illinois would break the back of Mayor Daley's top priority of abolishing private firearm ownership in the state."

"The Ellberg case is a sad reminder of why the citizen's right of self defense should not be held hostage by one's political agenda," said Pearson. "Although concealed carry may not be everyone's choice, citizens should, at the very least, be afforded the dignity of making that choice. But, to the Gang of Four, the issue of self defense is just a matter of trivia as they tool around in armored limousines bristling with burly bodyguards."
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