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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/15/2006 5:31:59 PM EST

I am in West Bloomfield.

Have an older heater in my house but was told it still has plenty of life in it.
I have two problems, one which I want fixed sometime soon and one I need fixed very soon.

1) Last year I was having a problem towards the end of the season that just started up again. I will come home and start hearing a very loud clicking. The same noise my furnace makes when it is turning on. It has just started doing this again, it keeps making that loud clicking, it seems its not engaging. It goes for a couple minutes and then stops (I was told this is to allow the gas thats built up from trying to let to disipate). It will start up again a few minutes later, sometimes in a few minutes or sometimes in a couple hours it will just fire up like normal. This kinda comes and goes.... I have a gas furnace and was told it is electric ignition. As I said, the unit did this last year and then was running fine all this season till tonight.

2) My humidfier attached to my furnace needs some repairs... New filter and to be hooked back up, for some reason the previous owned of my house disconected it.

I have no clue about working on any of this, last year a guy who worked on my business hvac unit did some side work and came by my house to take a look. He told me how easy it was going to be for him to repair, just had to get parts. 4 days later I called his house trying to see when he was going to come over and fix it up only to have his wife tell me he had a severe nervous breakdown and was in the looney bin... Last I heard he quit everything and moved about 7 hours north to live in a trailer in middle of no where with his wife and kids.

PS it just fired up after doing this for an hour (with its stops every few minutes like I explained). That seems to be the problem though, when someone comes to look at it, it is working fine.

Anyone here do this type of work?
I just hate calling some agency who just ends up with at least 50% of the money.

Please IM me
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