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Posted: 8/17/2005 2:34:26 PM EDT
8:00am-8:45am Registration. Shooting starts at 9AM and runs till about 12:30pm. There is usually some type of rifle course after that.

Oconomowoc Sportsmans Club

Looks like the rifle course is the jungle run. As I remember AR's are welcome.

So, any of you Racine pansies gonna make it??

Link Posted: 8/17/2005 3:56:11 PM EDT
I might have to come and shoot that!!! It's only 20 minutes from my house if that.
Link Posted: 8/17/2005 4:09:47 PM EDT
I've never attended such an event.
Tell me more about it.

What's the course like?
What sort of equipment is required?

Do I have to give my real name, or can I wear a cape and call myself Captain Airsoft?

Link Posted: 8/17/2005 4:25:50 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/17/2005 4:33:27 PM EDT by Flamethrower]

Originally Posted By Throttle-Junkie:
I've never attended such an event.
Tell me more about it.

What's the course like?
What sort of equipment is required?

Do I have to give my real name, or can I wear a cape and call myself Captain Airsoft?

Ok here is what I know.

Off the page

We will generally have 5 stages, which includes a classifier. The stages diagrams and
walk-throughs, will usually be posted on our "Stage Page", a few weeks prior to the match. Bring
around 150 rounds. Shooters are asked to help with stage break down and clean up after the
match. Thank You.

Match fees are $15 for pistol only. If you also shoot rifle, it is an additional $5. If you only shoot rifle,
it is $10. We will try our best to start shooting on time, which is 9:00 am, and be finished around
12:30. This will allow enough time to shoot rifle. Rifle registration will close at 1 pm, as they also want
to get home at a reasonable time. IPSC registration will begin around 8:00 am, and close at
8:45 am sharp. We reserve the right to limit the number of shooters per match. If you want to shoot
the match for $5, stop by on the Saturday before and help set-up for a few hours.

Here are the IPSC stages for this weekend

For the IPSC shoot.
Semi-auto pistol 9mm or larger or revolver
at least 4 mags or 6 if you are single-stacking it
holster and mag holsters. No dropleg and as far as I know no in the pants. waist only. Unless you are military or law enforcement.
150 rounds of ammo.
A good attitude
eye and ear protection

It is an action pistol match You are given a set of standards in which to start, and engage targets. You may draw from a holster or as one stage went. You are seated and your loaded pistol is under a magazine on a table in front of you. On the start signal you had to stand up, and get the chair out of your way, flip the magazine off your pistol, grab your pistol, and engage the targets in the stage.

You may be shooting at cardboard targets or steel pepper poppers, or steel plates. You may be shooting from around hard cover, and engaging targets that may be concealed by hard cover or hostages.

It is fast paced adreniline pumping fun. And I get to shoot. Oh and you are scored on your shot placement and your speed. Shot count is also a factor on certain stages.

For the rifle shoot
Again off the web page

There are few clubs anywhere with the facilities to put on a good rifle
course, and fewer yet, with a group like "The Practical Rifle Gang". From nostalgic WWII battle rifle
courses, like the Stalingrad Match, where if you don't have a suitable rifle, they will often provide one
with ammo, to the infamous jungle runs, with targets hidden as close as a few yards, to a few further
out that you may be able to spot, but will you have the skill to hit, or neutralize as they say. This is the
most fun you can have with a rifle.

We ask that you keep your rifle cased, and mags loaded when you're called to the line. Listen to the
Range Officer for instructions. You will be asked to tape or help score for the next shooter, or two.
The cost is $5 if also shooting IPSC pistol, otherwise $10. Reshoots are usually available for $3.
IPSC shooters will generally shoot rifle after pistol match, however the course will be ready before
10:00 am.

As I understand it semi-auto rifle/carbine
"at least 50+ rounds of ammo" I would say bring 100 min.

It sounds like you move up the range and engage targets as they become visible.
I am not totally sure however. I have never run the rifle course so this will be my first time doing it. Might as well do it. Go big or go home! Right!

So who is with me????
Link Posted: 8/17/2005 4:58:22 PM EDT

It's close to me and I will be gone to the land of Michigan this weekend....

Enjoy yourselves and post some pics! I want to hear some updates on Tues when I get back.
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