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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/2/2003 7:07:47 PM EST
Referring to the budget. I mean that cheesy bastard promised no new taxes, technically he hasn't raised income or sales tax, but him and the legislatoirs have increased fees on over 300 items. Has anyone seen an increase in anything yet? If not you soon will. The state is charging higher fees to the cities for water use and waste disposal. Guess who will make up for that. Alot of stae agencies have had their budget cut, so as a result they have to increase their registration fees. That prick talked about bringing back the coal industry, but the new budget eliminated the tax exemption for trucks used to haul coal, dig for coal etc. And to top it all off tonight on my local news the governor has decided he can rob other funds (ie the 911 fee you pay on your cell phone) to use in the general fund or wherever he needs his pork projects. Is their no conservatives or republicans left in IL with a nut hair that will make a big deal out of this or are we going the way of Kalifornia?
Link Posted: 7/5/2003 4:58:32 AM EST
IMHO we are giving Kalifornistan a run for their (lack of) Money. Illandannoyed is by far the most corrupt political government entity doing "business" in the 50 states. Just look at the recent shenanigans pulled off by Dick Daley- the destruction of public property (Meigs Field) in the middle of the night by his goon squads. Any place, governed by laws, this man would be doing time as the Criminal he is. Here, he is the mayor. It's apalling. And no doubt hiz "honor's" brother will pick up the job to rebuild the airport as a park; Of course we need more parks, (the ones we have are already full of gang bangers fighting turf wars), where more murders and rapes and robberies can take place. There will be no bidding on the job either, the "best" contractor will simply be selected from a long list of the mayor's brother, and..... ummm... well that is the list.
During all this blojobobitch will stand by and grin that shiteating grin of his, as Dick pulls on the strings to make him dance and move his mouth as Dick speaks in blojo's voice.
Link Posted: 7/5/2003 6:30:43 PM EST
This whole political thing burns my ass! How many times have we've been told that our vote counts and that our voice will be heard? Blo-a-dickovich (in reference to Daley) is nothing more than a Chicago thug like the rest of 'em.
The only difference between his bunch and the gang wannabe's is an address. An address that to my knowledge is not in Springfield. Many of us have spoken in defiance to SB1195, which to me means State Bullshit to the 1195th power, and what happens... The shit is tabled until December 31. How in the damn hell can this be tabled??? The people have spoken!!! In the past,I really believed that the Constitution of the United States really meant something to all Americans. And now I see that it has become an article to be interpreted by convience. Today it means this, tomorrow it means that. I always thought that the constitutional right to bear arms should supercede the states right to take them away.

Bend over boys and girls because it's not over yet. With Blo-a-dick at the helm the Chicago insider deals in the Illinois congress will never cease.

Brothers and Sisters of Illinois, Keep Fighting!!!
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 6:09:08 AM EST
Why do politicians like Blago and Daley get away with anything?
One answer to that is the millions of citizens who allow them to do so.

I look at people who live in Chicago and wonder what type of people love to live in crowded streets, drive 2 hours bumper to bumper to get to a place only 10 miles away, pay $50 to park in front of their own house and pay $2,500 rent on a studio apartment.
These are the same people who look away at; mayors who destroy public property, politicians who treat law-abiding citizens as criminals and gangbangers as the victim or those who decide to take money from wherever they want to fund whatever projects they want.

I'm not trying to show a hatred for anyone, but the reason for why we have the politicians that we do have in Illinois is the result of your own next door neighbors or even that hot babe from the city you met at a party the other weekend who aren't aware of or care about your specific freedoms and vote these politicians in.

Just imagine how many young adults voted for Clinton for president his first term because he was on MTV and played saxaphone on the Arsenio Hall show and was deemed, a "cool" dude.
What happened when this "cool" dude became president? He took away our freedoms.

Link Posted: 7/11/2003 9:10:02 PM EST
The fact is as we all know is Illinois is the most corrupt state in the Country. Daley is a dictator pure and simple. Where else in this country do you see a Mayor red in the face screaming and verbally abusing the media? Blago is a scumbag commie pure and simple, a lying, backstabbing communist scum bag. We have big problems politically in Illinois that will undoubtedly get worse. The biggest problem is the elite spoiled wealthy nimby morons that dwell in the Chicagoland area. These people could care less about constitutional rights. Until it effects little Johnny's baseball team or their Lexus, they don't care. Think about it, who runs the game right now? Babyboomers and some of you may know my rant against the 60's generation has been quite vocal. These pieces of garbage run the show now and they have always hated America, since they were lazy dope smoking rock throwing scum bag hippies. Until this garbage generation of incompetent, arrogant communists go waddle of to some nursing home, we will have these problems. You are a babyboomer and have issues with my comments? Too bad, this is the real deal, your generation has ruined America. Greed, greed, greed and communism. Let me point out a few examples
Clinton-Babyboomer and Soviet sympathizer
Penis Devine-Baby Boomer
Bobby Rush-Babyboomer and Black Panther
See a patterm here? We need to address this generations hatred of America on this board and I won't even begin to comment on their clueless corporate incompetence. Some of the 60's folks did the right thing obviously, but most, especially from major urban areas are greedy communists pure and simple, PURE AND SIMPLE. Want this crap to end? REFUSE to support any 60's politician. Remember, while the good guys were gutting it out in the jungle, these scumbags were smoking dope in law school so when they grow up (which they still haven't) could turn this country and more so this state into their little communist ammusement park. Guess what? Yep I'm a proud and vocal extremely political Generation X'er and damn proud of it. Madison Ave has taken our age group completely out of marketing demographics because as they will tell you, we are impossible to pentrate. I have had it with losing my rights and working my ass off to be completely underpaid so i can watch the fat incompetent 50 somethings suck up all the money when they are literally, clueless. Don't try and defend it, I will come at you with volumes of examples. So that's the problem here a big party of 60's commies run the game in Illinois. Furthermore, take notice of that cee u next tuesday Lisa Madigan. 8 months as AG and Chicago is the murder capital of the country again? These people don't care about crime they fear an uprising and you know what, our little gun problems in Illinois are only part of the bigger problem. The 60's liberal dirt bags nation wide are slowly doing everything they can to turn this country communist. They are idealistic and for the most part stupid. Know why they kick our ass? Because they fight and we sit around and bitch on the internet. I was down in Springfield last Spring so I don't want to hear " well, uh what are you doing?" I write, call, email etc. We need a massive and I mean massive demonstration in CHICAGO not Springfield. We need to make noise not sit around here and bitch and talk about flashlight mounts. This country is going down hill, no you know what it has gone down hill and I blame Babyboomers. Be pissed, I don't care the truth hurts. Don't even try to argue these points with me 50 somethings, you will look stupid.

Hostility ended
The 60's disgust me. Far out man.
Link Posted: 7/12/2003 8:52:05 PM EST
You have a way with words patriot! Thanks for the inspiration.
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 7:51:46 AM EST
SO how do you really feel about the medicare prescription drug plan?
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 9:03:23 AM EST
Originally Posted By dc899:
SO how do you really feel about the medicare prescription drug plan?

Doesn't matter how I feel. Medicare payments in Illinois are backlogged/defaulted to December 2002. How do you feel about that? No better yet, since we have a 5 billion dollar gaping defecit, how do you feel about King Daley the second hosting the largest fireworks display in Chicago history a couple weeks back? Medicare prescription plan? Oh I can't wait until the legions of babyboomers who have made money and have saved squat retire to leave us to work our ass of to once again pay their way. I hope they all enjoy their BMW's and LA Law re-runs.

Link Posted: 7/13/2003 10:01:32 AM EST
Hey I agree with you on all the shit. My payments from the state are running 4-8 months after I have rendered services, and the bastards are serving notices for late payments on business fees that they have the checks in their possesion but have not yet processed their mail yet. It sucks it reeks, but WTF can I do besides call and complain to all my reps? I really don't see a solution to the problem short of some of these pricks dieing from cancer, heart attacks, or some of altruisitic cause. I will most likely leave this shitbird state in a few years, but right now since I own 2 businesses I simply can't get up and boogie.
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