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Posted: 8/18/2004 11:59:34 PM EST
Hello all, I`ve Been looking thru the forums lately I just bought  a new rilfe not shot in awhile if anyone wants to go to the garland public shooting range give me a shout .

Link Posted: 8/19/2004 12:53:31 AM EST

Link Posted: 8/19/2004 5:17:06 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 12:51:26 PM EST
My new rifle is a Colt Match target M4

Link Posted: 8/19/2004 1:02:40 PM EST
Nice!  What part of town are you in?  I normally shoot at Backwoods Traps in little elm... but would make a trip to GP.  Been thinking or arranging a littl mini-dwf-arfcom shoot.  We need to do that.

Oh, and welcome!
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 2:08:26 PM EST
I just mentioned garland public shooting range because they have a rifle range up to 100 yards and are close to were i live but they dont alow fmj in rifle calibers..  But maybe thats a prob at all the local ranges unsure anyone know about bullet trap or some of the other local  rifle range rules?


Link Posted: 8/19/2004 2:31:28 PM EST
Almost all N. TX local rifle ranges do not allow FMJ.  

Bullet trap is indoors, expensive, and loud.  Good winter/rainy/pistol place.

Collin County allows FMJ, but has some difficult hours.

I dont do a lot of blasting.... so the no-fmj doesnt bother me too much.  Most of your good accurate ammo is HP anyway.   But I dont like the rule... thats for sure.
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 3:13:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/19/2004 3:13:52 PM EST by Moezilla]
Welcome aboard GITrinec!

As an FYI, BT has dropped their prices now so it's actually gotten cheaper (at least for us pistol folks). I go in there with some of my CCI Blazer stock and spend only $5 as a member for range fees. It's now $12 for non-members versus the old $17 price, Friday is a good night to go as only one person pays and all other immediate family members shoot free on the same lane. It is loud but it's very local to me and cheap and I just got into shooting again, so I can plink all I want with my pistol. Not sure on the FMJ for rifles, I can verify next time I'm there if it will help anyone.

Haven't been to CCGR yet, have to get a chance one of these Saturdays to get up there. Kind of stinks the hours they have though, wish it was a bit more flexible but what can ya do.
Link Posted: 8/19/2004 3:16:46 PM EST
Hey FALARAK or others,  what do you recommend in just target shooting non fmj for .223?


Link Posted: 8/19/2004 3:21:04 PM EST
ya BT is were I bought my rifle at . Great service
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