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Posted: 8/14/2007 7:09:39 PM EDT
Does this look like yours?

9mm AK
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 7:36:27 PM EDT
nah man, mine still in pieces,

no mines doesn't use stick mags, it'll use the sunami drum mags once I get motivated and put everything together,

look at 2xtm.com or lichtenbergresearch.com and gunsnet.com in the biy forum,

one 2xtm it has pics of parts, and give a summery of what it' takes to build one, although it doesn't give any measurements or diamentions, it gives you the gist of what it takes to build one,

rodger lichtenberg was making the magwells and had sleaves for barrels, they all got to be fitted and/or turned to work,

mine uses a uzi barrel thats been turned and sleaved to fit in a ak trunnion, plus had the steps and turns to fit amd parts to the barrel with a 6" barrel extetion to make it 16.5",

I just need to get motivated to finish it, I still got to install the barrel and mod the carrier to hold the bolt since it's no longer gas opperated, but a blow back like a pistol.

there was a thread in the ak forum, but it's been archived, theres a dude over there goes by getit thats built all kinds of one off aks, he had pics of a 6.8spc build he'd just done,

I'll look through my stuff and post pics of my progression, it's fairly strait forward but semi complicated build processs with lots of cutting, fitting and welding.
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