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Posted: 12/15/2005 7:08:36 PM EDT
I just got this email from my wife and asked me if i can help. so i thought that this might get a lead for this guy who is one of my wife coworker. Ii have coppy the email and if there is anyone how could help Shot me a email and i will sent his info thanks

Carrie - I'm not sure if you've heard this yet or not, but my husband
daughter will have to relocate to Houston in January. Tierney has been
diagnosed with a serious (and rare) heart disease that can only be
corrected by a heart transplant. We have been referred to Texas
Hospital for this to be accomplished; however, she cannot be placed on
transplant waiting list until she is physically living in Houston. We
a good lead on a condo in the Galleria area, and we also have friends
working on getting her into a Houston H.S. For several reasons, we
determined that it's best for my husband to move there with her rather
me. Consequently, he needs work.
Thanks again
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 12:11:03 AM EDT
what kind of work can he do?
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 7:25:26 AM EDT

Originally Posted By MuRDoC:
what kind of work can he do?

here is what he sent me

Employment History – General Description of Responsibilities

1997-2005 Stellar Kwal Jones Blair Paint Company Retail Branch No. 325, Ft. Worth
Assistant Manager
Responsible for customer satisfaction by efficient handling of customer concerns, assisting with product selection, and advising on the best methods to solve paint-related problems. I have had training in residential architectural and industrial coatings. Performs assigned functions according to standardized policies and procedures, utilizing basic analytical ability to resolve routine to moderately complex technical issues. Additional duties I have taken on include inventory control and store closing. My inventory responsibilities include material requirements planning in order to insure a steady supply of products to our end users. This requires knowledge of factory schedules, shipping times, as well as anticipating customer needs. I constantly review all stock levels in order to maintain a higher level of inventory turns; this is a primary corporate goal. Using my working knowledge of financial processes, practices, and related accounting systems, I perform all store closing procedures, including balancing the cash drawer and searching for errors. I issue purchase orders and contract for equipment maintenance and repair. I am responsible for submitting all branch expenditures to corporate accounts payable. I have implemented additional quality control documentation in order to maintain our goal of zero defects on products shipped from our store. As with all my jobs, I do not hesitate to volunteer for extra work outside of my job description as long as I am able to meet my regular responsibilities. If I see a better or safer way to do a job, I will suggest it; however, if a recommendation is not implemented, I accept that as a business decision and do not take it personally.
Reason For Change: My sixteen year old daughter needs a heart transplant, and we have been referred to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for this procedure. Although her treatment will be covered by my wife’s insurance, I must relocate to Houston in order for my daughter to be placed on the transplant waiting list,. I am interested in redirecting my career back to supply, purchasing, inventory control, and logistics, as I think these areas are a good fit for my education and business experience.

1995-1996 Montgomery Ward Electric Avenue, Ft. Worth
Big Ticket Major Appliance Sales
A commission sales position that required analyzing and interpreting customers’ requirements and desires for major appliances. This was a high pressure, stressful and competitive environment. Maintained a high level of customer satisfaction which demanded constant attention to many details: a thorough knowledge of the product line, research of specifications, options, product availability, delivery schedules, and promotional pricing driven by advertising. Thorough working knowledge of financial processes, credit and financing practices, and related accounting systems. Responsible for providing pre-sales and post-sales service to customers. Acted as a liaison among customers, financial services, and shipping department to resolve status, delivery and billing inquiries. Processed customer returns and exchanges. Montgomery Ward has very high expectations of its employees for their performance ratings. Commission salespeople were required to maintain a high gross profit as well as a low return rate. We also had specific goals for: credit applications, credit life insurance, service policies, and additional warranties. My performance consistently scored in the top twenty five percent of part-time employees in our region.
Reason For Change: I accepted a part-time schedule in order to care for my children during the day.
The realities of retail scheduling conflicted with that goal.

1993-1997 BOS Industries, Inc. dba Astro Auto Parts No. 6, Ft. Worth
Systems Analyst/Consultant
Studied the store operation, made recommendations, and helped establish improvements such as: computerized payroll, product labeling, upgraded telephone system, and reorganized inventory files. Answered customer requests for technical support. Used my troubleshooting skills to determine needs and handled problems accordingly. Provided technical support on basic operation and maintenance of personal computers and software using documented procedures and available tools. Analyzed sales history of major parts lines, updated inventory files, returned older parts based on demand, and added new parts to increase sales. Thorough working knowledge of financial processes, spreadsheets, and related accounting systems, as well as word processing and other related PC business applications.
Reason For Change: This was a temporary position with specific objectives.

1992-1997 Becan Residential Services, Ft. Worth
Self-Employed Independent Construction Contractor
Residential remodeling, painting, and repairs. Duties and responsibilities included: estimating, bidding, negotiating, contracting, pricing, buying and problem solving.
Reason For Change: Although the job was challenging and there are advantages to being self-employed, my goal was to return to a business environment in sales, purchasing or inventory control.

1978-1992 AAS Investment Corp. dba Astro Auto Parts No. 3, Ft. Worth
Corp. President: Retail Store Manager/Machine Shop Manager
Owned and operated a full-line auto parts store and machine shop. Successfully managed the store through difficult economic times including: recessions, road construction, business expansion, relocation, and major workforce reductions by nearby General Dynamics/Lockheed and Carswell AFB. Responsible for establishing, documenting and implementing company procedures in order to serve our customer base. Prioritized and organized the work and fostered a team approach in order to maintain a high level of service to our customers. Researched, analyzed, and interpreted data in order to spot trends and implement changes in response to business cycles. Thorough working knowledge of financial processes, practices, payroll, state and federal taxes, spreadsheets, and related accounting systems. My business experience covers the entire spectrum of business operations including: management, sales, accounting, point of sale computer systems, purchasing, inventory control, bidding, contracting, training, and personnel. My parts experience included cataloging, computers, parts identification, problem-solving, and advice to mechanics. Machine shop operations including: cleaning, milling, grinding, parts assembly, as well as a thorough knowledge of work safety issues and hazardous materials.
Reason For Change: The business was totally destroyed by a fire in the shopping center. Due to economic uncertainties with major employers nearby, I made a decision to seek a career change rather than rebuild the business.

1974-1978 Astro Auto Parts No. 2, Ft. Worth
Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager and lead counter person for full line auto parts store. Duties included: hiring,, training, and scheduling counter people, insuring cataloging was accurate and efficient.
Reason For Change: Bought a retail auto parts store and started my own corporation.

Education: Bachelors of Business Administration, Management
The University of Texas at Arlington

Health: Excellent (non-smoker)

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