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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 8/22/2007 10:18:32 AM EST

"I've got a feva, and the only prescription is more cow bellthree-gun!"

So when am I gonna get some more three gun??????????

blue oyster cult

Link Posted: 8/22/2007 11:59:04 AM EST
Tag, cause I am curious as well. I'm hoping for a sept or oct match. Would like to get in one more nice match before the weather goes foul.

Plus, I gotta test out my new LaRue mount and Millet DMS scope....
Link Posted: 8/26/2007 5:13:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/27/2007 3:46:03 AM EST by PolyTechKID]
I need some more cow bell! When are we gonna rock out?

Link Posted: 8/27/2007 9:55:34 PM EST

I have told many people about the spring event where the National Guard showed up with their m249 mounted on a hummer, plus other full auto fire for rent.

When we going to have another one of those?

I have people that I work with and know all fired up ready to come.

Cooler days are coming....nothing like a good shoot with full auto fire ringing off every now and then.
Link Posted: 8/30/2007 9:47:00 AM EST
Just so the boys don't get in trouble. That saw was CMMG'S
Link Posted: 8/30/2007 9:49:04 AM EST
Just so the boy's don't get in trouble The saw was CMMG'S
Link Posted: 9/22/2007 4:38:17 PM EST
Don't think I forgot about this thread!

Link Posted: 9/22/2007 5:13:33 PM EST
i remember that shoot.

it was a fun one. the vote for pedro shirt...such a classic.

hum didn't know people still had that pic. not many of them with me in them.

Link Posted: 9/23/2007 4:53:37 PM EST
Thats because you working all of the time helping me cook and rent the guns
Link Posted: 9/24/2007 3:46:42 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/25/2007 12:05:07 PM EST
I have seen that! I SAW him shoot his AK once at a shoot! He was ROing that day but he did shoot the MCA AK... I think there may be another floating about of Ron shooting Duke's Nineteen Lebbum...

That pic of you on the Scooter mini-Chopper, is classic! Nice to Ron With a smile on his face too!
Link Posted: 9/25/2007 12:53:24 PM EST
i used to smile. laugh also. i also had fun. once upon a time. used to have a good heart. not bitterness and hate i have now.

times change. life changes you. you love and live and lose. maybe someday i will smile again.

who knows. but back on topic i have derailed this thread enough.


Link Posted: 9/27/2007 2:17:23 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/12/2007 6:56:19 AM EST
Still wondering about 3-gun goodness...
Link Posted: 10/12/2007 7:38:02 AM EST
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