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Posted: 6/14/2018 4:17:12 PM EST
I don't know where to start, but basically my wife's ex-husband was found guilty of committing domestic violence against her, he served some time in jail, was released on probation and had a Criminal Protective Order (CPO) served on him at the same time. In just a matter of days his probation ends (it was for 3 yrs) and so does the CPO (also 3 yrs) and I'm of course worried that he'll go back to his routine of harassment and abuse. All of this happened in Fresno city and county.

Our attorney has commented to my wife and I that he wouldn't be surprised if the ex-husband did not notify his parole officer last year that he moved from Fresno county down here to Orange County where my wife & I moved to also. We also know that the ex-husband also travelled out of CA to attend new employee training for the company that he found employment with after moving to OC. This is all in addition to several violations (coming within 100 yds of my wife, communicating with her via text & emails through a 3rd party) of the CPO that is still active against him.

Can anyone tell me if probation officers take probation violations seriously?

How can I find out and get in touch with the ex-husband's probation officer? I've tried calling the Fresno County Probation department and get transferred to probation officers that never call me back.

We've contacted the OC Sheriff's department recently and they basically refuse to do anything about the CPO violations that occurred here in OC.

The ex-husband is also an immigrant from a certain eastern European country, he's not a US citizen and he's here legally as far as I can tell, but I can't help but wonder if the appropriate immigration agencies are even aware of his criminal history. Are they somehow automatically alerted in situations like this? Or are they clueless when an immigrant is found guilty of crimes?

Thanks in advance for any advice or information.
Link Posted: 6/14/2018 4:44:38 PM EST
Talk to your attorney.

Don't do this on a forum.
Link Posted: 6/14/2018 11:03:18 PM EST
A: Don't ask us questions. We know nothing.

B: Talk to an attorney. Perhaps not even to your attorney (who is probably a family law specialist), but to someone who knows the criminal system in your county really well.

C: Call the probation department and just ask them. All they can do is tell you nothing, but they might also give you useful information, or take notes and check on this guy a little better.

D: The answer will heavily depend on the county. So most of the stories you get from folks here on the forum will not apply. We live on the boundary of two counties (Santa Cruz and Santa Clara), and we know that in most legal matters (criminal, regulatory, building, ...) these two counties are very different from each other.
Link Posted: 6/27/2018 12:48:56 AM EST
Originally Posted By IBU-14_Gunner:

We've contacted the OC Sheriff's department recently and they basically refuse to do anything about the CPO violations that occurred here in OC.
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Im not calling you a liar. But what i can tell you is *IF* there is a valid Domestic Violence restraining order in place and probable cause to believe the restrained person violated that order it is not only a mandatory report but also a mandatory custodial arrest in California.

I don't know what a "CPO" is. But i assume you are referring to a Permanent Restraining Order (3-5 years) issued in Criminal Court. Each violation of that would be a violation of CPC 273.6 (off the top of my head, had a few beers, don't quote me) and is a mandatory arrest.

That said. If its "so like my wife went to the gym and stuff. Her ex was working out in the squat rack when she got there. He didn't leave." The cops are correct to blow you off.

if it's he shows up at her home or workplace, there are independent witnesses and you know where he is, he's going to jail. Every time.
Link Posted: 6/28/2018 4:24:33 PM EST
Were the instances in a city that has it's own PD? I would expect the Shriffs would refer you to them.
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