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Posted: 9/12/2004 5:15:13 AM EDT
meant to do this yesterday
Went to the show yesterday morning. Normally I like this show even if I don't buy anything. This time it was a waste of money.
Some antiques thing has taken over literally half the floor space of the center, thus the show was smaller than normal. I was able to walk the whole thing in less than 30 minutes
Prices seemed really high. Granted I forgot to update my average price list that I take with me so th prices I had were about a year old, but have Yugo Mausers gone up over $100 in a year? I saw some usgi mags, not in wrap, probably about 95% condition for $25. In the past I've gotten 90%+ condition mags for $15 there. Considering that the EE has NIW mags for $20 or less shipping included I just laughed and kept walking.
Only saw a couple ARs and no lowers.
Saw some SARs and WASRs, all for about $400
Saw one M1 Carbine, USGI, $1000
Saw a few Garands, none lower than $650
As usual for a NY show, lots and lots of hunting/skeet/trap shotguns. Did see a few pistol gripped shotguns, so some people were trying to be "tactical"
More crap dealers than normal. Patches, books, displays with nothing for sale, etc.
A few knife dealers. I don't mind knife dealers thatmuch, except it's supposed to be a gun show.
Only one real dealer for ammo, I think it was ammunitionstore.com. I've seen them at a lot of shows around here, they seem to have decent prices when I've looked in the past, but I didn't need ammo this time. There were a few other tables with a couple boxes of random ammo.

Verdict: Save your $6 and your time if you were planning on going today

Hopefully Syracuse won't disappoint next week if I end up going.
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