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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/3/2006 6:01:37 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/3/2006 8:03:56 PM EST by CarbineMonoxide]
started 30 seconds ago History Channel

Knob Creek Gun Range: #90.

Host R. Lee Ermey heads to Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, outside of Fort Knox, for the Knob Creek Shoot, a weekend when machine-gun owners and collectors converge for unbridled mayhem. At this former military-munitions test range, shooters nationwide come to buy, sell, and trade. First, the Gunny shows us around, talks about the history, hits sales tables, and fires off a few thousand rounds--from state-of-the-art to early vintage. Next, Lee takes a turn on the "Jungle Walk", a machine-gun shooting course with hidden targets and dense brush to recreate what it was like for the grunts in Viet Nam; and he gets a lift on a mule to the Knob Creek helipad where he goes aloft in a Cayuse OH-6A Helicopter for the range's aerial shooting course. Then, it's the night shoot, when you really get to see raw power as machine guns shoot tracers and fire at targets filled with diesel fuel and dynamite, incinerating cars, refrigerators, and oil drums. TVPG L

Link Posted: 1/3/2006 6:20:36 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 6:21:20 PM EST
Now that is some serious fun--that had him shooting an M-60 at old cars from a helo .

Night shoot is coming up after the break!
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 9:39:21 PM EST
He was on a couple weeks ago. You must be watching a rerun! That's OK because it's a good show.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 9:41:54 PM EST
I wish I had gone to one of the Knob Creek shoots when I lived in Ky.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 11:18:48 PM EST
Looked like he came close to plugging one of the MG's parked on the line when he was shooting between them from a couple feet back from the firing line esp with the Bren. Probably some nervous MG owners just off screen !

Otherwise a pretty cool episode that probably made gun haters wet themselves with fear ...
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 6:11:26 AM EST
We watched this last night, it was pretty interesting......
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 6:26:35 AM EST

Originally Posted By Kooter:
I wish I had gone to one of the Knob Creek shoots when I lived in Ky.

I did many times.
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 11:48:46 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 11:52:42 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/4/2006 11:56:12 AM EST by MrsScrun]

Originally Posted By bigscrun:

Originally Posted By MrsScrun:
We watched this last night, it was pretty interesting......

Interesting? Hell that was down right pornographic................

And yet you still fell asleep while watching it!

Link Posted: 1/4/2006 12:13:31 PM EST
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