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Posted: 9/4/2004 11:51:05 AM EDT
Hi guys - I am entertaining a move to CA. I have some questions regarding gun laws, but my intent here is not to bemoan the overly restrictive nature of gun ownership in CA. I know it's bad ;-) I simply want to know what I can legally own and not own.

Can someone point me to a threat, post, or website that can give me some insight into the types of guns I CAN own, what registration process there may be if I bring legal firearams into the state, and what regs exist for the purchase of new guns while residing in the state. Any info on mag capacity for rilfes and pistols would be helpful too.

Thanks guys :-)

- Snacko
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 11:52:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 11:56:36 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 12:01:44 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 12:05:16 PM EDT
And this 10-round mag rule applies to pistols, like a Beretta 92F as well?


- Snacko
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 12:41:53 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/5/2004 6:53:28 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Wolfpack:
Bringing in a mag over ten rounds would be a felony correct?

The maximum sentence is one year.

Link Posted: 9/5/2004 7:04:32 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Paul:
You can bring in pistols that are on the list and they all are and you have to pay a small fee to register them by make, model, caliber and serial number. Long guns don't require registration just don't bring in an assualt rifle. You can't bring in magazines larger than ten rounds but there are no border check points (yet). Just don't get caught with hi-cap magazines for a weapon invented after 2000.

When the magazine ban was scheduled I mailed all my hi-caps down to a friend in California to hold for me until I moved down here in the summer of 2001.

I think mags mfg'd before Kali's ban are OK..Just say you possessed them BEFORE the ban.

In general you have to make a decision:

What's in California that is more important than my AR-15's? (and toher benned weapons)

Why move INTO a declining, socialist-leaning state?

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