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Posted: 8/25/2004 9:31:39 AM EDT
Arguments for ban laden with emotionalism

August 24, 2004

The Star's Aug. 20 editorial position, "Time to outlaw assault-style guns," would be improved if the facts were straight.

The Simonov (SKS) design predates the Kalashnikov (AK-47) by several years; it is not a derivative. The SKS was not banned by the 1994 law, as it lacks the cosmetic features that make it an assault weapon. This proves, ironically, the stupidity of the law. Lacking a pistol grip and muzzle brake, it is deemed politically correct.

Also, virtually any rifle bullet will pierce body armor. Common hunting calibers are substantially more powerful than the intermediate cartridges used in assault weapons. If one chooses jacketed bullets, one is accused of having armor-piercing ammo, and if one uses an expanding projectile, it is called a "dum-dum" or exploding round.

Nor have manufacturers found loopholes in the law. They have complied with the law. That the law was written by incompetents who are too emotionally laden to study the subject before ranting about it is another issue.

It would be far better if any arguments against the expiration of the ban on so-called assault weapons were divested of emotionalism and inaccuracy. But of course, that would mean there would be no arguments.

Michael Z. Williamson


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