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Posted: 4/23/2007 8:01:50 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/23/2007 8:13:39 AM EDT by EternalVigilance]
What good gun stores are in New Mexico? Especially Las Cruces / alamogordo area? I am looking to purchase a specific rifle that the gun shop in alamogordo doesn't have, and I don't get the impression that they like to do transfers. The owner himself seems like a really nice guy, but when I asked one of the employees he was like "we have ar-15's, don't like to do transfers for stuff we have".

Well what if i want a specific AR-15 you don't have? What if i want a colt 6920 and all you've got are 20 inch bushmasters? Big difference.

I think the owner will do transfers for me if he can't get it, and he did tell me he could order me bushmasters. But i would rather try to find what I want before I ask him to do any transfers or ordering for me. In all fairness I didn't actually ask the owner about the issue of transfers, and he's always been helpful. i don't mind paying a fair price for transfers either. I know that you've got to fund your store front and still make a living. Its just that the employee kind of made me a little hesitant. I don't mind paying a little extra for the store front. I like to support my local fun-shops. If I can find the rifle that I would like in alamo/las cruces without a transfer I will jump on it. But if you don't have it whats wrong with a transfer?

specifically I want a 20 inch A2, aramalite. I am also getting a Colt 6920. Probably in that order, but not 100% for sure. Reason I want the Colt is because for a carbine I prefer M-4 feedramp cuts. A carbine that wasn't a Colt that had the M-4 feedramps would definitely be considered.

Anyway, where should I look / call to see if anybody has these in stock or can get them? In alamo the gun shop has a 20 inch armalite but it is a post ban with a fixed compensator and I don't want that. I want a standard A2 flash hider that IS NOT perm. attached. Twist rate not important, as long as I can shoot M193 and M855 out of it (1-7 to 1-9)

Where should I look in the area?
Any help appreciated guys!
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