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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 11/18/2012 12:47:18 PM EST
New to the Springfield area. Looking for a good range to ring some steel or just a range where I'm not harassed by range Nazis (Andy Dalton). Member at Sound of Freedom, good people there but I've never been a fan of shooting indoors. What ranges are good for rapid fire, holster work and I'd love to ring some steel and shoot the long guns at 100yds+. What ranges do you guys use? I'm in STL and west central Illinois almost every weekend so what ranges are good in that area as well?
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 2:13:37 AM EST

Scroll on down the page and look at the map.

Then go here to check out the list of unstaffed ranges along with the uses of them:


I do all of my range work at sunrise. You'll mostly have these ranges to yourself for the first couple hours of daylight. It does require one to get up early, but I don't have to keep an eye on others. They all have there specific rules at these ranges, some are shotgun only, etc. Look at the details of the specific area.
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 11:38:28 AM EST
There are a few I know of. I don't think you will find 100+ yards without Supervision/Range Fee.

If you want free, open everyday cep't Monday, try Pleasant Hope Conservation Area (google). It has a 100yard with 2 benches and a 25 yard with 2 benches.

The range is Unmanned, and Free, !!!BUT!!!. Its often filled, or one person will hog both lanes. The range opens 30 before Sunrise, and 30 minutes after Sunset. So it does have its advantages for those who want to Practice in Low-Light/No Light Conditions.

The conservation area is a popular place for Hunters, it has 1,105. Acres of dense Woodland with a few open area's and trails. Many people ride horses through the conservation area and a few ATV owners too.

As far as Wild Life, I have personally seen many Deer (including Bucks), Raccoon's, Raven's, Rabbit, Turkey, Owls, Coyotes, Bobcat and possibly a Mountain Lion.

Link Posted: 11/22/2012 5:26:18 AM EST
I live about 15 minutes away from Indian Trail's but have never shot at that range. I've been to it on occasion to scavenge for brass. Once you get through the main gate from Highway 19 you have about 1/4 mile of black top then it turns to gravel. After that point you have about about 5 miles of gravel road. It's smooth but expect to eat lots of dust if it's dry. Turn right at the fire tower house, people live there, and go down the hill a mile or two. Cross the creek and it's on the left in a curve.
I don't use it because I can do everything from my back yard. My son and I will be setting for a 1000 yard lane soon. Right now I have lanes marked off out to 500 yards.The only issue I have are the cows.
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