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Posted: 10/25/2004 2:15:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/25/2004 2:16:07 PM EDT by Kreutzberg]
I may have finally found a place to shoot! It sounds like they have a large, usefull range. I certainly like that they meet in Golden, because I go to Mines. I do have a few reservations though. The price is pretty steep, and I've never actually seen the range, although it sounds great. I'm also not sure if they have any draconian rules regarding range use. Any members here? Any comments?
Link Posted: 10/26/2004 8:12:50 AM EDT
Golden Gun Club had to leave because of noise complaints. I think they are in Watkins now, way east.

You may want to look around Idaho Springs. I think there is a public range there. And there is supposed to be a National Forest Range in Conifer.

Good luck.
Link Posted: 10/26/2004 12:41:40 PM EDT
The range in Idaho Springs is a private club, Clear Creek County Sportsman's Club. cccsclub.com .
Link Posted: 10/26/2004 12:44:37 PM EDT
Thanks for the info. I actually knew about the Golden Gun Club's relocation. It still seems to be the best bet though. The only range I could find info about in Idaho Springs is the Clear Creek Sportsman's Club, and they won't take any non-Clear Creek County memebers until march at the earliest.

Mapquest tells me its about 35 minutes from here to the range it Watkins. If this is accurate, it is as close as anything else to me.

Any memebers here?
Link Posted: 10/26/2004 6:37:32 PM EDT
I am a member of the Golden Gun Club. We have everything from 7 1/2' to 500 meters on our range. There are essentially three different ranges there so even if there are comps. going on there are still places to shoot. We have all different disciplines of shooting there if that is what you like or informal as well. If you like skeet and trap we have that too. It is a laid back club with some really great people in it. I have been a member there for about five years now and in my opinion it is one of the best clubs I have seen around. As far as dues are concerned it is prorated on the time of year you join. If you do a work party before the end of the year you get $100 off your dues next year. From that standpoint the dues of $150 are dirt cheep when you consider you can shoot almost whenever you want and the different activities that are offered. AND........we are black rifle friendly!
Link Posted: 10/27/2004 12:32:43 PM EDT
I may be working in town for a while, and need a sponser to join.

I shoot skeet there, so it's not like they haven't seen there before. Had a sponser a few years ago to join, but ended up working on the road for the last few years and didn't join then.

Link Posted: 10/27/2004 4:41:21 PM EDT
Dano- email me and I can help you out-
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 10:36:03 AM EDT
I won't be joining until january, but do I need a sponsor to join?
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 1:52:48 PM EDT
No you don't need a sponsor- Like Dano, email me and I can help you with the details on where and when meetings are and what needs to be done to join- simple stuff!
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 5:53:47 AM EDT
Cool. Thanks everyone.
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