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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/22/2006 9:17:09 AM EST
Anybody interested in hanging out friday morning(~10am)? Me and a friend are going to a small range on private land. Both of use are going to be sighting our weapons.

Who is with me?
Link Posted: 2/22/2006 10:57:53 AM EST
Not this Friday, I have to work, but some other shoot me an IM. It would be great to go shooting at a private range, at this time I have no place to shoot my AR except for paying range fees or driving 3 hours to NH to use my father's club.
Link Posted: 2/22/2006 11:51:51 AM EST
I hear you on the range fees. I paid 18bucks at Blue Trails Range last monday. But its one of the few places I found open to the public. Blue trails is the only one opened durning the weekdays. I did learn a less, don't buy anything from their gun shop. Way too expensive.

But shooting at around 25yds gets old. It was nice to shoot at 100yds. But Blue Trails isn't a good or easy way to sight your weapon. I didn't want to wait for every cease fire to check my shot groups.

If anybody is interested, three of us local Enfield people will start shooting around 10am.


Link Posted: 2/23/2006 5:33:52 AM EST
If you want to get on the list for Windsor Markmen's Association let me know. It's $75/yr. Small range on the river in Windsor. Black rifle friendly. 100yd Rifle/50yd Pistol. There's a couple arfcom members that are members there. The yearly turnover just happened so you probably wont even have to wait on the list.
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 10:13:58 AM EST
Justin, is there a website for this Windsor club? The membership is really affordable for me.

What does arfcom mean?

Link Posted: 2/23/2006 10:48:37 AM EST
If there is any possibility, I'd love to be considered for membership @ Windsor - nice little range (I've been there once w/ a friend of a friend). I agree w/ everyone else - not many places to just pickup & go shoot. Trips to blue trails always feel like work - drive down, sign in, wait for cease fire to setup target, etc... I miss the days of sand pits in the State forests.

I'd take you guys up on the offer to shoot this friday, but I'm still waiting for my upper to return from KKF (had a little profiling done).

Link Posted: 2/23/2006 11:53:52 AM EST
I live in ellington. I wish I could shoot on Friday but a friends father passed away...I just got my new HK tac in too!

Maybe next week if possible.

Link Posted: 2/23/2006 12:05:45 PM EST
ARFCOM = You're on it.


There's a member application on there. Email me if you need a sponsor.
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 12:46:45 PM EST


btw, it's only $75 for the first year... afterwards it's only $50/yr...
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 1:44:05 PM EST
I'm sure I'm going to need a sponsor, since you are the only person I know at that range.

I'll see how much my overtime is my check tomorrow. Then I'll start the membership app.


Originally Posted By RealFastV6:
ARFCOM = You're on it.


There's a member application on there. Email me if you need a sponsor.

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