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Posted: 4/24/2013 4:39:00 PM EDT

I have a question for MA people in the know.

I have a Non-Res LTC A unrestricted for MA and employed here for summers. A good friend of mine has his MA resident LTC A, he's new to the whole scene. He wants a Glock. I have an "extra" G19. It's post '94. We both understand the mag restrictions.

My question is: Can I loan him my G19 w/ compliant mags? He would keep it in his safe and on his nightstand when he's home and maybe take it on trips in state and such. Is it legit for me to let him borrow it and keep it when I leave here for the winters? It would never really change ownership and I like the idea of having one in MA for when I come here to work and see family. As a non-resident can I legally transfer it to him through an FFL here in MA if he wants to buy it? Neither one of us wants to bend the law on this. But he wants a Glock and the wait time for one here is stupid ridiculous.

If anyone has any info on this I appreciate it. Thanks !

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what generation 19?  the cut off date is 1998 for the EOPs list.  since you are not a MA resident, you would have to go through a MA FFL.  and follow the proceedures.

eta- "loaning" him the gun is NOT an option.
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I kinda figured the loan wouldn't fly when I was not in MA. I fly back and forth lately and it would be nice to have one safely and legally held here while I have MA LTC. Flying with one isn't bad though.

The gun is definitely post 98. It's in my home/state of residence right now. I'm going there in a couple weeks and could bring it to him when I get back here if it works. He'd want to order the compliant mags now so they could be here when the gun would. I haven't called up a MA gun shop to ask yet either about an x-fer.

I need to see what this EOP list is. I know about the AG's list. But this? This new to me.



ETA: What a CF of stuff. I never gave it much research because I bought what I have here, as a resident here. I'm just going to leave that G19 at home. It always pains me to leave my AR there too
Link Posted: 4/25/2013 9:40:57 AM EDT
There is no AG List, never has been and never will be!

The EOPS List is only the first step wrt dealers transferring handguns in MA. Almost (if not all) Glocks are on that list. The AG had a hard-on for Glock and killed their ability to sell new Glocks in MA except to active LEOs.

Check with MA dealers (give model and S/N) and if they will transfer it. If so, and that is what you want to do, just do it and don't advertise the fact (only the dealer can get in trouble, not the new owner).

As for loaning it, Fed Law states that loaning handguns across state lines can only be done for "sporting purposes". We don't really know exactly what it means, but if it is left behind for the person to use for self-defense in any way, there is that possibility of the Feds prosecuting both parties. It's a gray area at best.
Link Posted: 4/25/2013 2:15:24 PM EDT
I've entirely decided against leaving it here when I'm not. Even if it would just sit in his safe empty, just too much of the "what-if" and grey area. I've never brought anything here that I didn't buy here originally as a resident. It's always just been my CYA practice. Him wanting a Glock and me just looking to help a lifelong friend avoid a long wait were the objectives. As we've both been delving into the info we've decided to just skip the G19 idea.
But I do have '96 G26 that a dealer will gladly x-fer and is 100% compliant that he's going to try out with a Pearce pinky extension. He doesn't even know if he likes shooting a Glock yet.

Thanks for the info.

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