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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 8/23/2003 11:37:43 AM EDT
This was handed to me today:

<begin flyer> Attention! Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club memers, family and friends

It has come to our attention that the Jacksonville Airport Authority has requested funding from the City to purchase GRPC as a part of the expansio plans for Herlong Airport. The funding has been approved by the city councils finance committee and is awaiting approval by teh council at large. It is now emperative that all members contact the mayor's office and his/her city councilman to oppose the closure of our range. You may find your council representative at www.coj.net. GRPC provides a valuable community service as the ounly outdoor pistol range in greater Jacksonville. Gateway Rifle & pistol Club provides a practice range for our local military (NAVY, marines, Coastguard). We provide a range for the Jacksonville Sheriff's office and surrounding police agencies to practice. We offer hunter's education, youth education through the 4-H club, and gun safety education. GRPC has national recognition among many sport-shooting venues. Do not delay, call today. <end flyer>

The lady in the clubhouse said it's very realistic that we can lose our range, due "eminent domain".

Obviously I'm pretty upset about this, as all to you GPRC'ers are as well, I'm sure. I've started a yahoo group and invite all with a vested interest here to join. I am currently the only member, I hope to see some of you join.


I'm no organizational wizard, and don't know what all can be done, but I figure getting us together in one forum is a start.

I'm going to start making phone calls & sending letters on Monday, and will start spreading the word to those I know.

Jacksonville, FL
Link Posted: 8/23/2003 11:51:13 AM EDT
I found this on www.coj.net

City Council Members 1999-2003

District 1: Lake Ray, LRay@coj.net, (904) 630-1389
Assistant: Bridgette Rodriguez

District 2: Lynette Self, LSelf@coj.net, (904) 630-1392
Assistant: Heather Patterson

District 3: Jerry Holland, JHolland@coj.net, (904) 630-1386
Assistant: Sandra Henderson

District 4: Suzanne Jenkins, SuzanneJ@coj.net, (904) 630-1394
Assistant: Lin White

District 5: Matt Carlucci, MattC@coj.net, (904) 630-1382
Assistant: Christine Sasser

District 6: Mary Ann Southwell, MaryannS@coj.net, (904) 630-1388
Assistant: Stan Johnson

District 7: Pat Lockett-Felder, PFelder@coj.net, (904) 630-1384
Assistant: Katrina Fisher

District 8: Gwen Yates, GYates@coj.net, (904) 630-1385
Assistant: Brenda Kelly

District 9: Reggie Fullwood, ReggieF@coj.net, (904) 630-1395
Assistant: Matt Jackson

District 10: King Holzendorf, KingH@coj.net, (904) 630-1684
Assistant: Sandra Washington

District 11: Warren Alvarez, WAlvarez@coj.net, (904) 630-1383
Assistant: Rhonda Goodwin

District 12: Doyle Carter, DoyleC@coj.net, (904) 630-1380
Assistant: Martha Foote

District 13: Alberta Hipps, AHipps@coj.net, (904) 630-1397
Assistant: Shirley Nulf

District 14: Jim Overton, JOverton@coj.net, (904) 630-1390
Assistant: Kay Ehas

At Large Council Members

Group 1: Faye Rustin, FRustin@coj.net, (904) 630-1393
Assistant: Audrey Hall

Group 2: Elaine Brown, ElaineB@coj.net, (904) 630-1381
Assistant: Carol Resch

Group 3: Lad Daniels, LDaniels@coj.net, (904) 630-1396
Assistant: Celeste Hicks

Group 4: Ginger Soud, GSoud@coj.net, (904) 630-1398
Assistant: Annette Hastings

Group 5: Dr. Gwen J. Chandler, DrGwen@coj.net, (904) 630-1387
Assistant: Terrence Webb

Link Posted: 8/27/2003 8:27:23 AM EDT
This is an from email from Mr. Alvarez to all of the council members, which was then pass from, and on to... and then to.. and... and... to the NFHS forum..

Basically an echo of what I got from my conversation with Christing at Councilman Hyde's office yesterday.

From: "Warren Alvarez" <WAlvarez@coj.net>

To: //snipped for brevity//

I have been on the phone with Mr. Chip Seymour, Aviation Planning Manager for the Jax Airport Authority. According to Mr. Seymour at one time in the JAA's long range plan was to purchase the land for Herlong Airport. It was in their 2007/2008 budget year and it was turned over to the MPO but did not go any further than the MPO before the matter was removed from the JAA's plan.

As I understand there are NO plans to purchase the Gateway Rifle and Gun Club property now or in the near future.

In the event you wish to speak with Mr. Seymour he may be reached at either his office, 751-2743.


Warren Alvarez

I certainly hope this information is valid. It's certainly encouraging. I hope that we get a "stand at ease" notice from GRPC BoD on this though, rather than just be left hanging.
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