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Posted: 9/12/2004 6:13:01 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/12/2004 6:26:03 PM EDT by fp1201]
Visited the GM store at the Salmon Run Mall this weekend. Pretty fair selection of the usual camping, fishing and home decor items found in larger stores such as Bass Pro Shops.
I'll cut to the chase with THE GUNS AND AMMO.
The selection of new shotguns and rifles was clearly larger than Dick's, Walmart, K-Mart, and two local dealers combined, but I have a larger collection of used guns than they did. No evil black rifles or shotguns. The closest thing they had were Mini-14's and Benelli M1's (with full length barrels of course), for a stretch some "Coach guns".
Excellent selection of handguns, Glock, Kimber, S&W, Baby Eagles, BFR's, ... high to medium end with no cheapies, again very few used piecies.
The Archery Dept. wasn't anywhere near the size of Bass Pro Shops, but they did have a good selection of supplies, targets, and accessories as well as someon in the department to set-up and tune bows. (I thought they were going to have a range, but I didn't see it if they do. Still some construction going on outside, maby it's going in there)
Muzzleloaders were represented by TC, CVA, Knight, and a couple other including Remington and Winchester. Power belts were priced at $14.99 a pack. If they had any pellets, I didn't see them.
Plenty of ammunition from all the major players in a surprising varity of flavors.
No surplus or imported ammo.
Reloading equipment was primarily RCBS on the rifle/pistol side and Hornady for shotshell.
Bullets were from Hornady, Speer, and Sierra.
The "gunsmith" area was well stocked with mounts, rings and handgun accessories. New tooling including a lathe, mill, and several other new machines. The gunsmith they hired is a reciently retired Corrections Officer who was in charge of weapons and firearms qualifications.
Prices seemed to be on par with the above mentioned stores. No real bargans on used guns, and I'm not sure if they'll haggle on the prices....proabably not. Looking over the store flyers found in Sundays newspaper, it appears that all the stores have the same guns (even the ones "made exclusivly for Xxxx's") for just about the same price.
Scope selection wasn't what I expected. They stock Leupolds, but I'm not sure what other brands as the counter area was clogged with gawkers and people more interested in filling out coupons for free drawings than checking out the merchandise.
The checkout registers were horribly understaffed. Just like the grocery stores, where they have fifteen lanes and two girls open.
Bottom line: If you need it right away or don't want to mail order, you can buy it there. If you've got time or a significant order then you might be better served buying over the internet or thru a catalog. Personally I'm so use to buying at wholesale or discounted internet rates that everything seemed high, but that's only a personal observation. YMMV

As a plug to any readers from the Watertown area, VanTassels Gunsmithing Service in Evans Mills IS a stocking dealer WITH a wide variety of gunpowder (black and smokeless) primers, and reloading supplies IN STOCK, Plus a gunsmith trained at an accredited instution with over twenty years experience there all the time.
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 1:37:42 AM EDT
+1 for Van Tassels. Ever since changing shifts at work i had to find a new FFL to do my transfers since my old one was only open from 4-8pm mon-fri. Van Tassels has transfered 4 firearms for me and i have bought 2 from them.

I bought a Cricket rifle for my 5 y/o nephew and they threw in a free brick of shells. The shells may have been only worth $10 or so but it was a very nice thing of them to do.

They also stock ar15 lowers and FAL receivers.
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