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Posted: 8/18/2005 6:42:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/19/2005 4:04:46 PM EDT by Ndenway]
damn guys, been saving my penny's and nickles for a while now to buy a motorcycle, so today was the day, went up to House of Kawasaki and plucked down $3500 cash and financed the rest on a 800 Vulcan Clasic, their service was outstanding, the best I've ever received from any dealership, so I ride outta there about 5:25 this evening smiling like a fat rat, and about ten miles from the house, the son of a bitch starts cutting out and dying every 1/4 mile or so, kinda like its running out of gas or loosing fire, let it set for a couple of minutes and it would fire right back up, but would bog every time I gave it gas, after bout sixty seconds of idling it would be fine and I would take off for another 1/4 mile, then it would sputter and die, I coasted farther in that ten miles than the fucker ran, I didn't get to the house till 7:30, called HOK up and they already went home for the night, so I load this hot heavy bitch up by myself into the back of my truck while the old man stands back outta my way, man I was pissed, I've calmed down now, but I got a splitting assed headach and my left ears ringing, I'll keep ya'll updated on how HOK handles this.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 6:43:43 PM EDT
Did you turn the choke off?
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 7:06:00 PM EDT
Was the gas switch turned ot "ON"?

I ask, cause well, OK I have ran a mc with it in the "off" postion before, did that same thing you are talking about. Also they did fill that tank for you, right?

Link Posted: 8/18/2005 7:38:57 PM EDT
yeah the chokes off and its got a full tank, HOK fully serviced it and showed me where all the controls are, + it didn't start acting up, untill I'd already ridin' it 30 miles, hell I even followed the breakin guidlines, fastest I got it up to was 55mph in fith gear, and the first time it died, I thought it did run out of gas, checked and it was nearly full, and I checked the gas switch, its a vacuum style switch, with "on" "res" and "primer" it doesn't have an off position, this things got the electronic ignition, and I'm wondering if something might be up with that, cause when I let it set for a few minutes it would fire right back up, but I would have to let it idle for about a minute before it would take off with out bogging down, then 1/4 mile or so it would die, like it ran the carb outta gas, but with a slight popping sound, like it was backfiring through the carb, and thats what made me think its an ignition problem.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 7:49:51 PM EDT
It could be a gas tank vent, if it's blocked it will act like it's running out of gas, easy way to check is to loosen the tank cap when that happens, if it's a venting problem that will clear it up, it's a warranty issue in any case.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 8:07:50 PM EDT
never thought of the vent tube, but I didn't want to mess with anything when I was mad, cause I'd just end up tearing something up and voiding the warranty.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 8:36:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/18/2005 8:38:39 PM EDT by danc46]
Maybe the gas vent got plugged up with a pork chop!
L. hope the bike gets fixed soon! Sorry to hear something you were looking forward too causing you problems!
But one thing for sure, if you can load that heavy ass bike up in the back of the truck by yourself, a dead bigfoot won't be a problem!
Just now thought about it - sounds like the float in the carb is sticking. Gas sitting in the carb bowl can varnish up and break loose at the worst time!
Link Posted: 8/19/2005 4:50:06 AM EDT
well Dan, taking it back this morning and let HOK handle it, as for heavy it was, my shoulder is a bit sore and I still got a headache, way I felt yesterday, bigfoot would have picked the wrong day to fuck with me, as for the float sticking, it might be, but I'm sure the carb doesn't have any varnish, cause the bike was bone dry, while sitting on the showroom floor, no gas,oil or battery in it, this is the first vehical I ever bought that had exactly 0 miles on it, the shop supervisor put .4 tenths of a mile on it when he was doing the prep and adjustments.

Pork chops sound pretty damn good, right now I could eat bout 5 or 6 of them, with some fried taters and onions on the side and a piece of white bread, since I havn't had anything to eat since wendsday afternoon.
Link Posted: 8/19/2005 4:12:11 PM EDT
Pick the bike back up this evening, the cheif wrench cranker, worked on it all day, they put 60 miles on it, and the bike never died, but he checked everything, found a bad electrical connection and some bits of rubber and gasket in the carb, he told me if it breaks down again to give him a call and he would send someone out to trailer it in, free of charge, these guys do things right.

Link Posted: 8/19/2005 8:10:27 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Ndenway:
Pick the bike back up this evening, the cheif wrench cranker, worked on it all day, they put 60 miles on it, and the bike never died, but he checked everything, found a bad electrical connection and some bits of rubber and gasket in the carb, he told me if it breaks down again to give him a call and he would send someone out to trailer it in, free of charge, these guys do things right.

Should have got a Honda!
Link Posted: 8/19/2005 9:22:57 PM EDT
Honda, oh balls! Should have been a Harley but His Massive Perversness, Ndenway, is to damn big to tell otherwise!
Link Posted: 8/20/2005 4:06:50 AM EDT
would have liked to have bought either a Harley or a Indian, but they cost way to much for me, looked at the honda shadow, but their 750 cost $200 more than the 800 vulcan I bought, and if you ever seen me you would know that I need all the cc's I can afford to haul my fat ass around.
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 10:20:09 AM EDT
If you are complaining about the Kawasaki breaking down, you really wouldn't like a Harley!

I was in Colorado around the same time as the Sturgis rally, the roadsides were littered with broken down Harleys, there is a reason that most Harleys are trailered to the rallys, they don't call them Trailer Queens for nothing!
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 11:49:07 AM EDT
yeah wingman, I know several people that travel to sturgis every year, they ride the whole way, but they have a truck that follows them incase of a breakdown, what really pissed me off about the kawasaki, was it was brand new it didn't even have 60 miles on it, thing runs fine now, so I'm happy for now.
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 12:26:14 PM EDT
In 1974 I bought a brand new BMW R75/6 motorcycle at Maxey's in OKC, I rode it home and parked it in the garage, the next day I looked at it and it had a small puddle of oil under it! This was a BMW, the finest German engineering, the most expensive motorcycle Maxey's sold! I decided to ride it to a friend who also rode motorcycles to show it off, I parked it in his driveway and rang the door bell, he wasn't home, so I went back to the bike and there was a large puddle of oil under it! It had only set there a couple of minutes, and it really soiled his driveway, what a crock! I managed to ride it home, the BMW uses a dry clutch and it was slipping badly by the time I got home. On Tuesday I loaded it into my pickup and took it to Maxeys, the bike was like 4 days old and was leaking oil so badly it was unrideable!!! Maxeys told me it would be 2 weeks before they could even look at it, I was a bit hot under the collar and ready to demand the bike I traded in back, but they had already sold it! I went back to the showroom and told them about the deal and that I considered 2 weeks before they could look at it riduculous...well, they did fix it, it took 2 weeks before it was ready, so it was a little faster than what I had originally been told, a few years later myself and a friend changed out the rear main seal (the same problem) in about 4 hours, and we weren't professional mechanics, I found out later that BMW had been having rear main seal problems in their motorcycle engines for years, so much for the famous German engineering, they had been making the same basic engine configuration for about 50 years at that point.

When I had ridden that new bike about a month I took it into Maxeys for the 1,000 mile service, they screwed that up pretty bad, that motorcycle never saw the inside of Maxeys shop again, the service manager (at that time) was completely incompetent.
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 12:31:31 PM EDT
Maxey's is a friggin' nightmare still from what I have been told. I used to eat breakfast every once in a while with the parts manager. He left because of some really fouled up stuff.
One guy I know took his bike in to have new exhaust pipes installed. When he went to pick it up, the pipes were a solid blue from being ridden hard. The owner's son took it for a "test spin" which meant he rode the holy hell out of it.
Maxey's is DEFINITELY a place to avoid.
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