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Posted: 12/19/2016 3:43:28 AM EST
LIve in South Ft Worth and looking for part time menial tasks to keep me occupied. I work 14/14 in SEPTEMBER New Mexico and when I'm off I tend to get bored as hell with a wife who both works full time and goes to school. Boredom for me equals spending too much money on Harleys and guns so looking for something to do. I work in oil and gas for the past 8 years, cryogenics all the way down to roughnecking and everything in between. I've also been involved in the hotrod industry but left it a year after moving back to TX because it just doesn't pay here like it did on the East Coast.

I'm 38, no drugs, drama, or anything else. Associates Degree and working towards a Bachelors in EE at the moment. I'm out of the loop on the latest and greatest in making fast cars ridiculous but still have a roll away and plenty of skills. Familiar with firearms from deer hunting to 3 gun, steel and IDPA. Stable employment history with only 5 jobs in my adult life, just like having something to do instead of surf the net and hit bike shops all day blowing money on things I don't need. Don't need a high paying job, already have one of those, just looking for something to keep me occupied and maybe turn it into my Harley fund so I can make my 401k bigger instead of my garage haha.

Any info on anything worth looking into would be greatly appreciated.

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