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Posted: 6/21/2011 4:05:47 AM EDT
A nicer bunch of people, I never met.  Real friendly, down to Earth and very service-oriented.  They went the extra mile to get something done for me and it won't be forgotten.

They have a first class operation down there.  Free Pool, large area, nice cubbies on the rage for your gear instead of the floor.  Weekly pin/clay/other shooting contests  They wil be adding a snack area and I think they plan to add Class III items when things settle down some.  I didn't have a chance to look around too much since I got there at closing, so I'm sure there's more they offer.

You can shoot your AR there and 7.62 x 39 (AK/SKS).  Few places you can do that  It's well lit, temp controled.  Their T-shirts are not only nice, but affordable @ $12.
Do you get one with a membership?

IMHO they stand head and shoulders above the rest by a far sight.  They have no competition.

I could show up when they open and stay until they close.  Shoot, take a break, play some pool, eat lunch, shoot some more.

I had to sign for a transfer, my wife got home late, I don't see that well at night and my GPS led me the wrong way.  I turned up at 9:54 (they close at 10:00) and I would not have blamed them had they told me it was too late.  NOPE - they had the paperwork and pitsol all ready on a table.  Terry jumped right in, never once complaining about me showing up 6 minutes before they close.

I'm sold - they have a customer for life.  I'll tell everyone I talk to about what a class act they are.

Things I'd like to see them add:

Relading Components
Some reloading components, like primers, powders, projectiles.  They could piggyback the range business by offering "value packs" of tumbled brass, primers, projectiles since they'll have a steady supply of brass.  More red tape on powder/primer storage, but also the chance to be a true one-stop shop.

no idea if that's more trouble than it's worth - just throwing it out there.

Free Trim Night
I'm thinking they should have "Free Trim" night.  I'll bring a Giraud Trimmer with blades for .223, 6.8 and .308.  Anyone needing to trim brass can bring it in and trim for free.  Once you use a Giraud, those lathe/style trimmers become bad memories.  You can trim 1,000 cases an hour if you work like a maniac.  I never time myself, but 500 I'd say is a very leisurely pace.  You'd have to limit folks to 500 cases/30 minutes or something, or risk a guy with 3K cases

I mean - who doesn't like free trim

If you haven't visted - by all means - GO.  It's well worth your time and money because if there is a better range, I'd certainly like to see it.
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